How romantic are you? Quiz. It tends to be considered to be old fashioned now to be interested in charm, dating, getting to know someone and to use courtesy and court a lover. Holding hands, sending flowers, sending love letters and many other things can be a sign of living this lifestyle.

But are you very much into it? Is it something which is important to you? Can you live without it? If you were with a partner who was NOT into this would this be a deal breaker? Are you someone who shows your love and devotion to a partner with loving little touches and frills?

Find out how exactly how important this is and how much a part of your personality it is by doing our free and detailed quiz at
This quis is the best online and will reveal a great deal to you about yourself. Get your partner to do it too if you have one.

Do you need to change? Perhaps you are interested in someone or the type of person who values these touches and you are not at the moment like this and need to become so?
Perhaps you are too rough and ready and not subtle enough.
Do you find that you and your partner are not compatible because of these issues? Would it help if you had a different partner or one of you changed? Does it really matter or is it a case of making do? Do opposites attract?
Do you prefer someone who is a challenge rather than
lovey dovey?

What difference does it make in the short term? It might mean the difference between getting the person you want or not getting them OR whether or not you keep them. It might also mean that the person you go out with or live with values you more and tries harder to keep you.

On a scale of 1 to 10 is it more or less important than qualities such as being honest, reliable, intelligent or
attentive? Are you someone who would rather be single than in a bad relationship or would you rather be in ANY relationship than be single?

How romantic are you? Quiz.

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