Milk act as a superfood for us, it has been our daily nutrient gain factor. Lot of adulteration has been reported in it over the years. I will guide you on how to secure your milk from adulteration?

Today, India is world's mammoth producer of milk thanks to the white revaluation. The escalating demand for milk and milk products challenges the milk production process. Adulteration in milk is very rampant. According to reports of The Ministry of Health, two third of total milk in India does not meet the food safety standards.

It is well established that milk can be a potential carrier of disease-producing organisms. The detergent in milk can cause food poisoning and other gastrointestinal complications. Thus it becomes necessary to purchase milk and milk products from the trusted source. Awesome Dairy, India’s first online dairy has emerged as a panacea to milk adulteration problems.

What makes milk adulterated?

Water, a supreme source of adulteration has a greater influence on milk. It can genesis health problems and also reduces nutrition value. Other adulterants such as detergents, foreign fat, starch, sugar, salt, sodium carbonate, ammonium sulphate etc. can damage milk. Climate change can also affect milk as it makes milk deleterious to drink. Even the packaging of milk may cause milk adulteration. The pouch and cartons can get damaged which resulted in the loss of milk.

How to prevent milk from losing its nutrients and from adulteration

One of the primary function you should preserve in thoughts about milk adulteration is storage. Most of the time, we do not offer interest on regular things like at what temperature and where milk should be stored? A fresh milk from the farm can be stored for 3 days. A grade milk must be stored at 45 DC. Whereas all fresh fluid milk to be stored at below 40 DC.

Refrigeration performs a vital role in the safety of milk. The cooler your refrigerator, longer milk will last. Properly refrigerated milk can withstand for two weeks. Awesome dairy, who has awesome parameters, has come up with two-wheeler small refrigerator which runs on a battery for delivery of milk and milk products.

Purchasing from trusted source

Milk which has been purchased from the store has greater possibilities of adulteration. Due to the careless handling of milk, while packing, it gets adulterated. Also, the storing facilities available at the store is not appropriate. Hence, purchasing milk online stores give you assurity about its purification. There are some online dairy that serves and delivers all milk products at a reasonable rate. They take care of your milk order as it's theirs only and serve in a systematic way at your doorstep. Good and trusted source ensures you with quality product and excellent service. Awesome Dairy is among one of them, trusted and used by many people.

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