What you are about to read, is my translation of some conversations I’ve had with the Angels.

For much of my life I encountered some very negative experiences and people. There are some people and situations you simply must deal with in life, some you cannot walk away from, for at least a period of time.
The most important thing I learned from the Angels about negative situations was this;

Never give your power away by blaming others for your feelings or circumstances.

If you do, you become a victim. As a victim you are overcome with the problem, you feel as though you're drowning in it. You feel your energy rapidly draining and your motivation and strength become hugely diminished.

Instead of attributing blame, accept responsibility for how you feel and think.Choose to be empowered.

Don’t waste your energy on criticism and judgment, use it to effectively work through and around the situation
Ask the Angels to help you improve the situation for the better, if only in a small way at first. Ask them for help to expand yourself and your positive energy to transform any negative situation. Ask in what way you can heal the situation, yourself, and also contribute to the healing of others involved. Ask what you are being called to learn.

The situations and people in your life mirror something within you, something that needs to be brought to the surface for healing. It may be something in the past was done to you that you need to forgive and heal. Look more closely at the negative situations and people present in your life.
What is it about them that triggers you?

Do they remind you of someone in your past?

Or it may be that you may need to change some trait behavior within yourself that would greatly improve your life.

What are your feelings generally, are you usually upset, frustrated, judgmental?

Or are you grateful, loving and optimistic?

It’s challenging to do this type of introspection, especially when you find as I did, that I was contributing to the negativity I was experiencing, but blamed it on everything and everyone around me.

Nothing changed, until I did!

Yes, there were reasons I initially became resentful, judgmental and critical. But what I finally realized when I really started listening to the Angels, was that justification wasn’t making things better. Carrying those justifiably hurt feelings on and on was lowering my vibration.

What you are feeling within is what you are projecting outward onto the world and others in your world.

This isn’t to say that you are necessarily responsible for others negativity, but you will draw different people into your life, when you yourself are different. When you raise your vibration and no longer resonate with the negativity.

If you find there are things you would like to change about your outlook,be easy, patient and gentle with yourself. Don’t belittle yourself. Know that many behaviors are simply coping mechanisms that helped you deal with things in the past, now you realize you no longer need them.

In this way you take responsibility for your own feelings, state of being and healing.

One of the ways you can raise your vibration is by focusing more and more on the things you love about yourself and your life. Doing this, you’ll find less negative aspects in others, and at the same time will draw less negativity from others.

Loving yourself is one of the primary ways to raise your energy.Raising your energy brings less negativity and more positive experiences to you.

Another way to raise your energy is to think of someone you love, think about the things you love most about that person and offer gratitude for that person being in your life.

Love and Gratitude will change your life completely.

Raising your energy connects you more deeply with Divine Light, you won’t recognize the grace you are given when you are lost in the shadows of your own negativity. Focus on the good, even the smallest good.

Positive and negative can’t coexist, you must make the choice.

Living in the Light means letting go of resistance and living in trust. Trust that everything is meant for your good and that you will always find the way to that good. Trust that those situations and people in your life that appear to be negative are teaching you what you most need to know right now.

Both will transform, or leave, when you let go of your resistance to them, and focus on transforming yourself.

The Angels are your constant companions on your journey through life. If you ask, they will guide you, support you and love you through it.

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