While it is true that the resources that exist on the Internet are practically unlimited, at first it can be overwhelming. This becomes even more marked if we have. I confess that more than once I have seen myself wasting no no previous experience with e-Learning my time on the Internet reviewing articles without reading anything. And it is that if we do not know what we are looking for it is very easy to waste time.

To really take advantage of the time invested and see results, it takes more than just trying. It is necessary to be clear that we seek to achieve and follow a plan to approach the objective step by step.

I recommend that before you start learning you ask yourself and answer some questions:
What do you hope to achieve?
Before you start you must decide your objective. Do you want a specific skill or get a general handle on a topic? Defining clearly what you hope to achieve will allow you to better plan what steps to take to achieve it.

What you are seeing really serves you?
You must limit your search to specific things that really help you achieve your goals. Beyond how interesting what you find maybe if it does not fit what you raised then it does not work. Focus on those things that meet the criteria you choose and you will do much better.

Are you organizing well?
When acquiring digital skills it is crucial to maintain order in order to be efficient. Keep track of what you have accomplished, what you are missing to meet your short-term goals, and where you can get information about it. Keeping track of your improvements will not only help you plan better but will also motivate you to keep moving forward.

These three questions may seem simple, but I assure you that if you take the time to answer them you will save a lot of work.

Where to acquire digital skills?
Since you have organized yourself better to start, you will be curious about the places where you can acquire digital skills. As we establish that discipline and continuity is a key factor in acquiring digital skills, so initially, it is good to have a guide. Below I recommend some pages with courses for general skills that you may like.

This page has more than eight years of offering varied training courses through its platform. In it you can get courses with guides and specific tasks to complete in limited time. If you simply want to learn, you can enroll for free in their courses and upon completing them with a payment you can obtain a certificate.

In this joint effort of MIT and Harvard University, you can find more than 140 courses in Spanish. Her topics range from the defense of human rights to the application of graphs in real life. Better yet, they are completely free and you will only have to pay if you want to have them certified.

On this page, you will find massive free and paid courses on application development and modern technologies.

This initiative from Telefónica Learning Services and Universia offer from practical courses for managing WordPress to courses on the use of technology for social improvement.

Google Activate
As the name indicates on this page you can get free courses from this giant. Offerings cover topics such as web development, digital marketing, app development to introductory programming courses.

Finally, if your doubts are something more specific or of the moment , I recommend that you look for tutorials on YouTube. Although it seems obvious nowadays there are countless videos that explain step by step how to solve both general and very specific problems.

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