HR is unanimous, the question "why do you want to leave your job", unavoidable during job interviews is one of the most delicate.

So think about it seriously upstream, at the risk of seeing the job of your dreams go under your nose. To avoid putting your foot in the dish, experts offer you food for thought! Listen to them ... without moderation.

No prospect of development, difficult relationships with your manager, feeling of having toured your functions ... it's decided, you want to "move", change jobs and companies and start a new professional life.

And you are right. Today's career paths obviously include several positions in various companies because none of them promises a job for life, ”comments Gontran Lejeune, Managing Director of the recruitment firm Bienfait & Associes.

So you might as well put the odds on your side, by preparing for the unavoidable questions that your future recruiters will ask you. And especially the one that looks like chestnut: "why do you want to leave your current business?" " "It turns out to be particularly dangerous if the answer does not suit the recruiter, and can forever tarnish your chances of landing the coveted job" warns Marie-Celine Terre founder of the communications agency Ozinfos.

So little advice from a friend, it is better to prepare your arguments seriously. Thinking about it will allow you, not only to do a real job on yourself, to better identify your current motivations and your limits, frankly.
But beware ! Not all truth is good to say.

Anthony, consultant in a communication agency, knows something about it. “After six months spent in an agency, I already wanted to leave it. I had trouble defining the outline of my position, the management was almost nonexistent, yet when I was hired my roadmap seemed clear to me.

But in the end, the tasks that fell to me were very far from the original specifications. Unfortunately, I went back to active research. In a few weeks I got an interview in a similar structure. Everything was going well, up to the deadly question: "why do you want to leave your current position"? Without thinking, I spoil myself: my business is falling apart, there are a lot of incompetent people, I was not happy. Without much surprise, Anthony did not land the job.

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