Many people misunderstand the law of attraction. Thanks to “The Secret” they believe that manifesting is just wishing for something to happen so hard that it eventually happens for you.

Unfortunately that is far from enough, as if that was the case many people would have the lives they desire.

The truth behind manifesting and attracting luck is that it requires action.

Aligning the mind with your goals, aligning your desires, feeling good about fulfilling your wishes is a necessary part of the process; however nothing can happen without sustained action.


Wishing is a complicated process. It doesn’t mean just wanting what you desire. It means wanting it with your whole being so bad that you cannot stop yourself from taking action.

It means being proud of your desires in a sense that they feel aligned with who you are and who you want to be.

Think about it, if you think you want something for other people, something that is considered a must in our society and you really don’t want it – you will never achieve that goal no matter how hard you try as you will not be able to motivate yourself.

Working on your goals is often tiresome, but it feels good, and not like you have to drag yourself.

State of Mind

Attracting luck is a state of mind. It is the same process as manifesting any concrete goal.

The trick is, if you are not lucky, it may be hard to prove to yourself that you can be. Just thinking that you believe that you are lucky is not enough. You have to resonate with that belief with your whole being.

The good news is that any state of mind, including the one in which you believe you are lucky, can be learned.

Start small, start with attributing something you are sure will happen to luck. For example, attribute that you will have awesome lunch today or tomorrow with luck.

That will get you to start thinking in the right direction. After a few days you may start to really believe that you indeed can be lucky in all things, if you are lucky with having lunch.

Taking Action

Again, taking action is the most important part of the equation. You cannot land your dream job without taking action and giving your best, becoming the best person for the job and going after it and taking it.

You can’t just get the girl of your dreams by wishing it, you have to go after her and make your intentions known.

You cannot fill your desire to travel around the word if you insist on being stuck at the place in which you are, which is obviously not working for you. You have to make the circumstances that will work in your favor.

Likewise, you can’t be a lucky person if you believe that circumstances are working against you.

And action works great when you align your conscious desires with your subconscious mind.

So work on aligning what you want with what you feel deep inside of yourself. Have all parts of your being work together in an sustained effort to make you a lucky person.

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