As a woman, you play many important roles, and limiting your self-belief reduces your personal power hinders your self and professional development. Women worldwide continue to strive to gain independence. As independence for women becomes more widely accepted, now is the time to exercise the authority you have been given, and empower yourself.
Learning to express your womanhood, your uniqueness, for peak performance, is the most important thing you can do. So, how does a woman empower herself?

Women’s empowerment starts with building a sense of self-worth. It is only in the presence of a strong sense of self-worth that you can really enjoy all of life. For you to be able to find self-worth you must first learn to honour and to love yourself and everything else will follow. When you learn to love and value yourself, then almost miraculously, other people will treat you the same way. Remember, it is impossible for other people to look upon you with high value if, deep down, you have a low regard for yourself.

Guide To Be An Empowered Woman

• Develop Self-Respect

Self-respect implies that you value yourself. To respect something, is to accept it. Embrace your unique skills and gifts. There is only one of you in the whole world. If you don’t want others to consider you as somebody less, start valuing yourself first. The woman with self-respect simply likes herself. Reinforce this by surrounding yourself with people who love, honour, and respect you. Separate yourself from the ones that don’t. And if you’re not sure how you’re doing…try this test: the next time someone pays you a compliment, make a note of how you react. Are you able to accept the compliment graciously? Or, did you discount the compliment and tell the person that you didn’t deserve it? When you can accept a compliment with simple heartfelt gratitude, then you know you’re self respect is growing.

• Remember That Your Voice And Opinions Matter

One of my favorite writings, the Desiderata, includes this line: “You are a child of the Universe, No less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.” Exercise your rights by expressing yourself - speak out. Write. Create. Dance. Sing. If you do not share your voice with the world, your special gifts, then your unique and very special voice will never be shared. Period. And, it will be lost forever. In many cultures, men continue to be dominant. Stand proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Never forget, regardless of where you reside in the world, your opinion matters, and you have a right to share it, sometimes quietly, sometimes very loudly. You choose.

• Involve Yourself In Business And Marketing.

It’s good news that in today’s world, women have ever increasing opportunities to contribute, even in developing countries. The numbers of women-owned businesses are growing dramatically around the globe. Getting yourself involved in business will definitely support your growing sense of empowerment. Now, there are many groups and organizations designed to offer women coaching and support to not only be successful as employees, but to start your own businesses as well. Clearly, getting involved in a business is an outlet for all women to exercise your power. It will give you responsibility, a sense of purpose and support your growing self-respect. It is a way for any woman to feel that you are valuable and that you can make a difference.

Becoming an empowered woman is a process. With dedication, commitment and practice you can become the powerful woman you were always meant to be.

Author's Bio: 

Nanette Saylor is a life & business coach, women’s wellness promoter, and an advocate of worldwide women’s empowerment. For more life changing support and her online coaching program, see 12 Baby Steps Coaching Program.