Having a strong character is synonymous with winning and succeeding in life. This involves a high degree of self-awareness and a strong self-belief. Hypnosis can help people to develop both these attributes.

Whenever you read books relating to the mental attributes associated with winning or success in life you always come across the need for a strong sense of self. Put another way, you have to have a strong self-image and belief in your own strength to be able to win.

John Wooden, the renowned basketball player and coach, put it another way. "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there". The clear inference is thus that it is vitally important in a person who seeks to win and to succeed to be able to develop and maintain a strong sense of self.

John Wooden is also quoted as saying "Your reputation is what you are perceived to be. Your character is who you are". i.e. Your character is who you really are not merely what other people think, suspect, assume or perceive.

How many people do you think truly knows his or her own character? We humans are very adept at hiding things from others, but we are also pretty effective in hiding things from ourselves. Do you really know yourself? Do you know your strengths and your weaknesses and do you work to become stronger in character?

There are different aspects to a person's sense of self. There is that which you are consciously aware of but also things that you are only aware of at a subconscious level. Sometimes your subconscious mind works very effectively in your favor, but at other times it may in fact have a sabotaging effect.

It requires a high degree of self-awareness to be able to "catch" your subconscious mind when it is working to your disadvantage and to persuade it along a different course. In a sporting situation such character can be seen at times when the pressure is on and the person in question overcomes nerves or tension and rises to the challenge that he or she is facing. This is just one example that shows the value of "character" in the sense that John Wooden was using it.

Such character is required of us in many varied situations in life. Hypnosis is a very helpful tool for use by any person who wants to win or who wishes to succeed. Hypnosis allows the user to connect between conscious and subconscious mental processes and to align subconscious expectations with conscious desires. It helps you to develop a greater degree of self-awareness and also to build strong character.

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