How To Boost My Husband's Self Esteem: How To Help Husband With Low Self Esteem

A lack of self-esteem can damage any relationship. In marriage especially it can cause a lot of problems. A spouse suffering from low self-esteem can contribute to infidelity, child or spousal abuse, divorce or financial trouble. If your spouse has low self-esteem and you don't think it matters, you might find out the hard way that it really does make a lot of difference.

This kind of problem can erode the foundations of your relationship until there is not much left. This might take years to happen and then the spouse will just blow up. Obviously this can have catastrophic results on the relationship.

You cannot force any to have more self-esteem because it has to come from within themselves. Saying that, it is possible to encourage them to work on self-esteem issues, even though you should not expect overnight results.

Here are some tips for building self-esteem in your loved one:

1. Offer them unconditional love. Whatever they do or don't do, show your love for them. If their behavior is upsetting you, discuss this with them but do it together. Everyone makes mistakes. If they make a mistake, show that you still love them regardless.

2. Be supportive. Make sure your spouse knows they have your full support. If someone else is criticizing your partner, you need to defend him or her from this. The relationship between a husband and wife is supposed to supersede other relationships. You need to stand by your spouse fully and show total support.

3. Be respectful to your spouse. Don't be a doormat but do show respect. Use words like please and thank you and avoid treating him or her like a child. Doing that or nagging is disrespectful and demeaning and will crush their self-esteem even more. Someone with low self-esteem often feels they don't deserve respect. Respect will make them feel better and can help to build their self-esteem.

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4. Be appreciative so your partner is aware that you appreciate the things they do. Whether it is cleaning the bathroom or cooking a meal, let them know you appreciate the gesture. Tell them they make a great parent if you have kids. If you are being honest and loving, you will see many things your spouse does which you can praise them for.

5. Make sure to share the credit. If your spouse is suffering from low self-esteem, they might not see how they are contributing to the marriage and family every day. Point out these things to others and to your spouse. Let your spouse know how much you value their abilities and how much it helps.

6. Help your spouse to discover any hidden talents. Ask them about what they can do well or like to do or would even like to learn to do. Encourage them to do more of this or take a class. Perhaps you will both be interested and can learn or practice together.

7. Sometimes it is nice to do little things "just because", such as giving gifts, leaving notes and doing other special things for your partner. These things can (and should) be done outside special occasions too.

8. Never be deprecating, in private or in public. Don't put your spouse down or make generalized comments like "you never take out the trash" or "you always leave a mess in the kitchen". These comments will make your spouse feel they do everything wrong. And saying bad things about them in public is never acceptable and will just embarrass them and knock them down emotionally.

9. Show that you are interested in them. Do you know their favorite animal or color? Do you know their ambitions and dreams? Find out these things and use the information. If you find out your wife likes turtles, buy her a turtle ornament, for example, "just because". Find out her favorite dinner and make it for her. This demonstrates your love and care for your spouse by actions, which speak louder than words. Asking questions about what your spouse likes and doesn't like is a great way to build intimacy and show that you are interested in everything about them.

10. Remember not to go it alone. Asking "what is your opinion?" is very important, especially in a marriage. You must always take your partner's views into consideration when making a decision. Whether it is a major purchase or just a small thing, ask what your spouse thinks. Whether you are deciding where to go on vacation or changing the color of the bedroom carpet, ask them. This tells them that you trust and value them and this can greatly enhance your marriage.

Healthy self-esteem ensures a happy, fulfilling marriage. Taking the time to implement the above ideas can help to build your spouse's self-esteem and make the two of you, plus any children you have, happier together. It might take weeks, or even months, to build up someone's self-esteem but if you use these ideas, hopefully it will be a great success in the end.

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No one can ignore the fact that sexuality is the base of any marriage, as marriage is a kind of romantic relationship. Hence, when you find anything like your spouse has lost the interest upon you, just make sure whether there is a decline in the intimacy of your marriage. Yes, this has been witnessed in most of the cases, wherein the intimacy diminished due to several problems. In turn, the decline of intimacy will itself give rise to some new problems as well. Finally, all these problems will end up in the form of divorce. Hence, you have to be physically close to your spouse to break this set of problems and thereby make your wife fall in love with you again. If you are really serious about saving your marriage then intimacy is one major thing that you should never let to go.

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Has the days pass by in your marriage life; you will of course find many things being changed dramatically. In addition, the arrival of children will also give you another role to play as well. Hence, the role as a 'romantic partner' will slowly decline, which should never happen to have a happy marriage life. Therefore, you should also try to break the unnecessary changes and preserve your role as a 'romantic partner' to make your wife fall in love with you again.

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Can a marriage survive without intimacy? If you've been wondering about the answer to this question you're living in a very challenging situation. Intimacy is crucial to the success of any marriage and if it's disappeared from yours you may be wondering whether or not the relationship can be saved. The answer is yes, it can be. There are steps you can begin taking today that will rebuild the romantic bond between you and your partner so the relationship can be even more satisfying in the future.

When you are contemplating the question can a marriage survive without intimacy you are obviously missing that part of the dynamic in the relationship you share with your spouse. Although many couples are forced into a situation where they have to deal with a physical limitation that impacts their intimate life, that's not always the case. Many couples simply lose interest in one another sexually over time until it reaches a point where they just don't want to make love. If that's the case in your relationship and you're not happy about it, you can take steps to make a change. Even couples who haven't been intimate in years can rediscover each other.

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If you want to bring the intimacy back into your relationship begin with evaluating whether there is any ongoing conflict occurring between you and your partner. Stress can completely change the dynamic of a marriage and can lead to a build up of resentment. Once resentment is present, intimacy can quickly fade away. It's hard for many people to be close with someone they feel upset or angry with. If there is a problem like this between you and your spouse, address it now. You have to find a way to iron out your differences if you hope to be physically intimate again.

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Even women who consider themselves independent and self sufficient can struggle after their husband leaves them or initiates a marital separation. You don't know what tomorrow will bring, you're lonely, you're scared, and you're often feeling abandoned. But, you usually can see that when you act in the way that you are feeling, your husband doesn't like it. Seeing you this way forces him to come face to face with his actions and this brings about feelings of guilt that he'd rather not feel. So it can become obvious that you need to get a handle on your emotions. But this is often easier said than done.

Someone might say: "since my husband left me, I am a mess. I am not normally like this. My husband often traveled for long periods of time. So it wasn't like I depended on him for everything. I can run the house by myself. I am more than capable of that. It's not really a matter of being physically strong. It is a matter of being emotionally strong. I cry all of the time. I call him more than I should. I can't keep my train of thought. It's hard for me to act like myself at work or even in front of my friends. I know that I have to stop this. But I'm having trouble doing so. How do you stay strong when your husband leaves you?"

I can't pretend to be an authority on this. I too was a mess when my husband left me. And if I am being honest, I have to say that probably the only thing that forced me to pick myself up was the fact that I knew I had to. My husband did not react well to my crying, stumbling self. Every time I presented myself in this way, he avoided me or so clearly was annoyed, that it became obvious that I was never going to get him back that way. Plus, eventually, I just got tired of feeling helpless. What I did was more of an accident than any grand plan on my part. But here are some things that worked for me.

Know That Showing Strength Might Help With The Separation: You probably already know this, but men often don't see women who can't stand on their own two feet as attractive. Seeing you cry and make him feel guilty probably isn't much of a turn on to him. And if you act strong, you will often feel strong eventually.

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Remember What Is Still Going Right: I know that when your husband leaves, it can feel like life has stopped. But it hasn't. The sun is probably still shining. There are every day miracles happening all around you. Sure, it's hard to notice these things when you feel like you do, but they are all around you. And you can see and experience them because you are alive. You probably still have family and friends that love you. You probably have the ability to do things that you enjoy. And, not every one can say this. So it's important to put that into perspective. Regardless of what is going on with your marriage, you are still a human being who has a lot to contribute to the world. Appreciate that fact. Enjoy that fact. Even though one aspect of your life is struggling (your marriage) this doesn't mean that every area of your life has to fall. What things can you still enjoy? What areas of your life can you bump up right now while you are waiting for your marriage to resolve itself?

Do Not Allow Yourself To Dwell: It's very tempting to eat cold cereal while watching bad sitcom reruns. Sometimes, this is about all you can muster. But giving in to this does very little to make you feel better. It simply feeds into the cycle. There were times when I literally had to force myself to accept the invitations of friends and family. But once I started to do this, I felt better. And once I felt better, my husband noticed and become receptive to me again. What can you do that will get out of the house and feel like you are moving forward? For some people, this is exercise. For others, it is volunteering. Other people connect with friends. Yet others pursue art or other hobbies. Some people find that it's helpful to try something new. If my separation had never happened, I would not have gotten back into fitness. And this has been a gift to me. I've never been horribly unhealthy. But once married, I stopped making exercise a high priority. I was not fat, but I was far from fit. I initially started doing yoga and Pilates for stress relief and just to have something to do. But they transformed my body and my mind. And they have stuck. I would never give them up, even though my marriage is now fine. Everyone has something like this. They key is finding it or rediscovering it again.

I know that if you are reading this you might doubt that these things will make you feel stronger. But try them anyway. What do you have to lose? Allowing yourself to feel weak and lost is not helpful on so many levels. It's not good for your marriage. And it's certainly not good for you. I believe that we all deserve better. Now, it's just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and continue walking until you feel strong again.

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