Karmic Chains – What do you want?

Do you want success in your life and ignore what happens after it? If so there are many ‘gurus’ out there willing to take your money and maybe teach you how to do just that.

Or do you have questions about life itself? Do you have concerns over what happens after you die? Do you have concerns about what is happening to our planet?

It is simple to reason that if there is life after death or even if there is nothing at all, then you need do nothing. You are happy to wait and see. ‘Give me money. That’s what I want’. Good health and a good and long life. But can you have both? I believe you can, but it is a bit more difficult.

But is what is happening to the world today likely to give you any of that now? Or can it only get worse? And why oh why does the human race seem to be on a lemming-like run to total destruction? Why are our numbers increasing at such an alarming rate?

Is reincarnation a fact and are we all simply being ‘born’ again to new incarnations as soon as we die? If so surely our numbers should have levelled out years ago? Unless, of course, our souls, which are the parts of us that reincarnate, have evolved through the animal kingdom and we all have lived lives as animals many, many times, or we couldn't be here at all!

If that is the case then, surely - with the animal populations decreasing and their numbers still on the mind/soul evolutionary road we ourselves have travelled and the only reincarnation option now available to them in any numbers is the human form –our future situation is very, very bleak, isn't it?

But how can this be? Surely the leap from animal to human would be too great a leap?
Well, no, it wouldn't. You see the human body comes with its own very detailed DNA manual as to how to be human. We call this ‘nature’. Then many of the remaining blanks are filled in by a mother’s love. Which we call nurture. Are animals any different? No, we see all this time and time again in all animals and even insects. The rest, as they say, is down to the human brain, which of course comes with the human package.

Has the human brain and body been evolved just so it is easy to make the transition from animal to human easy?
Science is even now being amazed just how intelligent animals and even insects, can be. So, however you look at this equation, if animals reincarnate, then they, too, are old souls – as old as the first life on the planet perhaps, which were single-celled animals; so the change to being in human form is very easy.

Is the fact that we are we killing off all the animals the main cause of the human population’s out of control growth?

You decide. I invite your opinions

Author's Bio: 

Quantum Mind Energy Linking for Mind and Soul Evolution, are what I live, breathe, teach and write about.
My name is Tom Leigh. I am a doctor of metaphysical sciences, which fully embrace quantum physics, universal consciousness, mind and soul evolution for health and prosperity in this life and beyond.
In addition, I have degrees as a Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist specialising in regression and past-life therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
After retiring from practice and lecturing, I now write full time - of the power of the consciousness of the human mind and how its awesome quantum subconscious power links our minds to all things and all other minds through the universal mind matrix.
By writing both fiction and non-fiction books about Mind and Soul Evolution, I now teach that evolving by living temporal lives is the sole purpose of life.