Luca Prata and his vision in the business of Digital Arts

The world seems to be in the hands of few large companies, the market seems saturated, there seems to be no room for new ideas, everything seems already taken. So how can it be possible to carve out your own space and be able to make a name for yourself with such a starting situation?

One thing has not changed over the years: success does not come suddenly from above, but must be built with patience and hard and constant work. If the foundations are solid, you can reach high-level results, as evidenced by the path of Luca Prata, an Under-30 entrepreneur who with the strength of his own ideas and continuous commitment has managed to get where nobody would have expected.

After a brief stint as a corporate employee, Prata realizes he has important ideas that can bear fruit, and takes the opportunity, starting on his own, starting from scratch. That means a small attic in his
parent’s house, a computer and a mind ready to face a tough challenge, that is, entering the world of digital arts.

A tortuous path
The beginning is not easy. Between doors slammed in the face, his work being undervalued and logistical difficulties, Prata and his first employees find themselves dealing with problems that would normally knock anyone down. Some employees don't hold up, others join, others believe in his ideas and remain from the beginning, convinced by the young entrepreneur that the difficulties can be overcome by working in a team.

In fact, thanks to the strength of one's ideas and continuous and constant work, things change slowly. The works of the company founded by Prata, LANGA, also began to deal with the sectors of graphic and video production, starting to stand out among the others for their quality and originality. Several scandal campaigns are created and widespread, another winning move that allows the arrival of numerous new customers; word spreads just as quickly, and the small attic is transformed first into a small office, then into real Digital Studios, until it becomes an office in the city center of Milan. All this is achieved thanks to a bold idea, thanks to a vision that then turned into reality.

Another step forward
And so Prata gradually matures the idea that the local dimension is not what suits his company, that he needs to approach people who really understand the value of what he produces. Thus begins the second phase of his entrepreneurial journey, the most complex, that is, detaching himself from the small-scale dimension of a local environment, to get to the upper level. In support of this objective, something is needed that differentiates the production of his company, which until then was qualitatively high but still too similar to its competitors. The solution is another winning move: materializing services. Even if digital, even if inconsistent because they are contained within devices, the services offered by LANGA are thus "enclosed" in boxes, finely worked, which make a customer understand at first glance the quality and value of what he’s going to buy. It's the move he needed. The level of customers rises, and Prata and his company continue to advance, also facing the international market. All this after starting from a small suburban attic.

The story of Luca Prata shows that the success is out there, and it is within the reach of those who know how to invest their resources, their energies and their ideas in the best way. It’s not simply an exception, above all it is not a coincidence. The results always come after when you have sweated to conquer them, after you have dedicated yourself body and soul in that project. You can decide to stand by and watch, or roll up your sleeves and get busy: whoever does it, he’s already one step ahead. To learn more, you can visit or his main company on

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