Couples have a responsibility to support and take care of their partners be it in general, day to day affairs or psychological affairs. Hence, it is important that you make an effort to boost your partner’s self-esteem when needed.

One of the best ways to show that you love your partner is to help him or her get over their self-esteem issues. This will not only help them but also make the bond between the two of you stronger and more durable because if a relationship has to last, both the partners must be psychologically and emotionally healthy and compatible. A positive self-image goes a long way to show this.

The following are a few pointers as to how you can help boost your partner’s self-esteem:

Make him or her recognize that no one is perfect

It is natural for people to have flaws. No one can be flawless and perfect. So it is important that you let your partner see this, also the fact that you love them the way they are and not looking for a superhuman image of perfection. What you can concentrate on is to work on your faults and improve their existing strengths.
One thing that you must never do is to show in any way that you wish them to be someone totally different that what they are. If your partner feels that you do not see them suitable for yourself, this will affect their self-image and confidence. Being in a relationship means loving each other because of the other person’s qualities and in spite of their faults.

Praise and encourage your partner

If you think your partner has done something worthy of appreciation and praise then do not shy away from acknowledging it. If they are in a state of low-esteem then you should make it a point to subtly praise them about even small achievements on a daily basis. This will slowly and effectively enhance their self-image and hence result in increased self-esteem. These compliments can be as small as compliments on how good they look in a certain attire; or how great their new perfume is. This will show them that you notice the small things.

Keep the criticisms healthy and constructive

Just because you have been advised to pay compliments does not mean that you have to fabricate something or give untruthful opinions about your partner just to please him or her. However, it is not advised that you avoid being rude or hurtful when you disapprove of something. For instance, if you do not like a attire they have worn, instead of saying ‘I hate what you are wearing!’ you can say ‘oh! You looked so much better in what you were wearing last Wednesday.’


Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. If the communication between the two of you is strong and frank than it adds extra strength to your relationship. A good communication does not mean that you go on telling your partner what you think. It is important to let your partner say what is on their mind and pay attention to it. The fact that you are listening carefully gives them a self-esteem boost because they know that their views matter to you.

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