Are you planning to delve deep into Portuguese language and learn its grammar rules & vocabulary? Are you interested in speaking Portuguese with accurate pronunciation? Well, Portuguese is one of the immensely popular languages worldwide. Studies demonstrate it is one of the widely spoken languages across continents with a massive 252 million speakers. Its popularity even leaves behind French & German which have fewer speakers.

A Portuguese language course in Kolkata will teach you the nitty-gritty of the language. But with so many courses available, it becomes very difficult for students to choose the one that suits him/her. Here are a few tips to consider.

Take your learning goal into consideration

Are you looking to learn quickly, or do you prefer to progress slowly? Some programs are designed in such a way where you’ll need to cover a lot of modules within a short span without taking respite, while others are less rigorous and created to suit candidates with the busiest schedules.

Do you want to learn the basic communication skills comfortably, or are you looking to master the language for international job opportunities? It is important to consider learning goals and objectives before proceeding.

Know your proficiency

If you’re a complete novice, you should get introduced to the basic modules starting from alphabets to grammar rules, vocabulary to fundamental accent. For beginners a basic or certificate course is just fine.

On the other hand, there are advanced courses for students who have some prior knowledge in the language. In such cases, a diploma or advanced diploma would be apt.

What is the best method of learning for you?

Courses differ in terms of modes of training, structure, features, etc, so think about which learning method will work best for you.

Do you prefer online courses where you’ll get the opportunity to study alone and at your own pace or would you instead opt for face to face classes where you can enjoy a more social group setting? Many students prefer face to face classes because they like the real classroom setup and love to take part in group discussions.

Even if you’re looking to enroll into online Portuguese courses, you will be spoilt for choices. Other options include private Portuguese lessons or a class through a foreign language training institute offering Portuguese language course in Kolkata?

The choices are unlimited but you’ve to be proactive. Select the right one that supports your learning, boosts your knowledge and fits into your everyday schedule.

Consider what kind of Portuguese you want to learn

Is it Brazilian or European Portuguese language? Although they are similar yet they are distinct in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary. Brazilian Portuguese is more popular, so it is offered by many training institutes. But the European Portuguese language is just ideal for travelling and relocating for jobs in Portugal.

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