The correct length of silver necklaces for women depends on the dress they wear on a particular occasion, the shape of their face, and overall construction.

Typically, the 24 "sterling silver necklace is ideal to complement business suits. For formal use, you can fold a 32" silver necklace. 18 "necklaces can be paired with a variety of dresses. Here are a few more tips to figure out the correct length for a silver necklace you want to wear:

For those with wider shoulders, choose the longer silver necklaces. The shorter necklaces give it a bunched look that highlights its broad shoulders, while a longer necklace will give it a taller look.
For those with a slim build, heavier sterling silver necklaces with a broader or heavier and more solid pendant style are ideal. Always remember that longer or V-shaped necklaces make you look taller.
For a round face you need a long silver necklace if you are also short. With an oval or square face, you'll need to wear something closer to your throat. Sterling silver short choker style is ideal for those with a heart-shaped face or a sharp chin.
When you want to choose silver necklaces, also consider the length of your neck. If you have a neck bigger than average, please choose one size bigger. For regular sizes, women should wear necklaces of:

Choker length for a 16 "neck, collarbone up to 18", silver necklaces a few inches below collarbone for over 18 ", neckline necklines for 22" and below neckline for more than 24 " .
You should pass the tape measure around your neck to check the size of the neck.
The correct length of women's silver necklaces also depends on the pendant they match it with. Heavier pendants in solid shapes seem inappropriate with short necklaces as they don't stand out. If you want to wear a choker or small length necklace, combine it with a drop of pearls or an equally delicate pendant.

If you are not overweight and of average height, you can escape using two necklaces of different lengths. You can also combine two long sterling silver necklaces with a single link and choker necklaces, but this style is normally appropriate for a cocktail party or a night out in the theater and cinema.

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If you are not overweight and of average height, you can escape using two necklaces of different lengths.