Most of the homeowners prefer tile surface as it is easy to clean and maintain. But sometimes, they also have to deal with stains on their tiles especially bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles. However, tiles can also gather dirt and dust. They can build up a small layer of dirt and grime which can discolour your tiles. So, maintain your tile surface and keep it clean with household cleansers. There are given below some natural ways of cleaning the tiles and grout. Still, professionals recommend that you should hire professional tile and grout cleaning services once or twice a year. The professional cleaning will enhance the appearance of your tile surface.

Some Natural Ways to Clean Tiles and Grout

  • Moisten the Tile and Grout Area:

    If you want to use homemade cleansers for removing the rust stain by yourself, moisten the tile and grout area with clean water. Splash some amount of water gently on the rust stain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. After moisturizing the stains, blot up the tile and grout affected area with a cloth. Also, try to remove rust and excess water from the tile and grout. This step will ease your tile and grout cleaning.

  • Apply Lemon Juice and Salt to Remove The Stain:

    Try to make an efficient paste by using the lemon juice and salt. Pour some amount of lemon juice onto the salt until it’s completely saturated with lemon juice. Then, smoothly apply this paste over the stained area of tile surface and leave it for 40 minutes to work upon the rust stains. This will remove the rust stains from tile and grout easily without causing a mess on your tile and grout.

  • Apply Ammonia Mixture:

    White ammonia is a very reliable and effective ingredient by which you can remove rust stains from the tile and grout. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and ammonia solvent. Spray this ammonia solution over the tile and grout stained area and leave it for 30 to 40 minutes. You can use it as an alternative method to remove the rust stains. For another kind of information or tile cleaning, you can communicate with our professional tile cleaners.

  • Use a Mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide: Make an effective mixture of hydrogen peroxide. It is also an alternative solution for bathroom tile cleaning. Pour some amount of hydrogen peroxide into the water. Then, gently utilise it on the tile stained area and leave it for 20 minutes to work on the stained area of the tile surface. This mixture will clear out the rust stains from tile surface easily.
  • Use a Paper Towel or Cloth to Saturate The Solution:

    We told you about three homemade cleaning solution for cleaning the stain and you have to choose your reliable one from these given below homemade solution. After applying given below treatment, remove excess solution. Use a dry towel or clean cloth and allow it to soak the solution from the tile and grout. Gently blot up the area carefully to make the stain easy to transfer.

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