Anger is an emotion that everyone feels in their lives. It is a natural state which can result in the great realization and change in life, or it can do the opposite. This emotion is beneficial to make a positive move, and if anger takes the wrong way of an outbreak, physical harm or aggression, and it can cause several health problems too. Hence it is important to have anger control for keeping people balanced and avoid them from taking an aggressive decision that can be something regretful. So, in this article, we have provided 25 ways to control anger.

Anger is bad for the health
A lousy temperament can ruin the mood, relations with the family and friends, work-life and also harm the health, so losing calmness can result in mental health issues. In case you are one of those people, then you should know these reasons that you have to avoid getting angry.
It can weaken your immune system.
It can increase your chance of strokes.
It can put your heart at risk.
It can trigger your anxiety.
It can lead to depression.
It can decrease life expectancy.
It can injure your lungs.

How to control your anger?
1. Relax yourself
When you feel anger, then it affects breathing, and it starts to speed up. In this case, you can take a little break and relax, so try to slow down, and take a long breath from the nose and exhale from the mouth. You need to repeat this process until you feel better.
2. Countdown and repeat
Counting down while getting angry is an excellent way to forget the reason behind your anger lets your body feel great. So, you can count from 1 to 10, or you can count down from 100 to 1 to lower down your anger.
3. Take a walk
One of the best things for stopping your anger from increasing is to take a long walk. Leaving that particular situation and moving into the new space can help your nerves for calming down. By taking a walk, or riding your vehicle or exercising lets your brain relax and stay calm.
4. You can flex your muscles
As walking can decrease your anger level, the exact way flexing your muscles can be helpful. So try to roll your neck or shoulders that can decrease your stress and anger level.
5. Just smile
It is not easy to overcome anger easily, but changing your mood can do miracles. So try to laugh, because when you meet someone or do something which makes you happy, then it helps to diffuse your anger.

6. Go for the new routine
In case your daily routine is getting frustrating for you, then try something new. You can change the route to the office or your daily tasks, and little change here and there can create a big difference. However, don’t go too fast and take things slow to prevent anxiety. As per your job routine or job frustration, you can implement collaboration technologies ( in your work, so collaboration technologies can help you and your organization to improve their workflow as a smooth process.
7. Repeat a phrase or word
If you feel uneasy, then it is best to repeat any word or a phrase. So these words can be short or straightforward, such as 'OK' or 'Everything is good'. It can help you to forget what was troubling, and then your stress will decrease automatically.
8. Practice the speech
We usually tend to say bad things or words to the people to take out of anger. To prevent this, you can try to practice what you are about to say to avoid the same reaction for the next time.
9. Leave the situation
Leave this situation and enter in a different environment. Simultaneously with that, you can also try to imagine a scenario that makes you happy.

10. Take a short break
It is the best way to control your anger because break can help you to process every action in life, that can be life leading. Apart from it, you can go for a vacation to have a good healing time.

11. Write your thoughts in the dairy
It's a fact that what you can’t say, you can write so write down everything that you are feeling. After writing down, close the dairy and leave the anger behind. This way can make you feel better and also improve your writing skills.

12. Don't talk for the short period
You don't have control of your words when you are angry. So, if you are bothered over something, it is better that you have to stop talking. Always remember that if you prefer talking over staying quiet can result in lots of harm to you.

13. Express the feelings in as a letter
Write down the letter to the person who irritated you, so it can clearly describe what you have felt. In case your anger is not due to the person, then also, make the letter to anyone considering the situation. However, make sure you do not send it in each case.

14. Imagine forgiving them
It is not required for reacting to every situation because sometimes forgiving works fine. In common, it takes a lot of strength for forgiving anybody who did wrong to you. However, if you can try and really forgive them it will benefit you and calm your nerves.

15. Do something different
Doing something else is one of the best ways for combating your anger because it does something good for you. However, don't work furiously and use your energy for helping others. Tell anybody, apparently an official, and let him do the action.
16. Set a stop envision
Understanding when to stop can help you sink your anger, so when the situation goes away from your control, then think about stopping yourself. It will help you to stop quickly because trying to succeed in a discussion will increase your anger. Therefore, stop all your actions and walk out quickly.

17. Stay calm and de-stress the muscles
Repeat deep breathing and rest your muscles. Certainly, muscle relaxation is an excellent therapy that makes you ignore your stress. It can help you to go in a positive way, so both the exercises can be done fast and let go of your anger smoothly.

18. Try the most instant solution
In case you are at a place that can lead to aggression, so keep it out of place. If you don’t like hearing something, then ignore it. Apart from it, you can try to work on this type of immediate solution. Temporary, but these solutions can stop you from quickening your heat further.

19. Show the anger
Overcoming anger can harm you, but it is OK to express the frustration. However, make sure you can handle it properly, or you can talk to the loved ones. Describe them everything and don’t shout at them.

20. A friend in need is a friend indeed
Ask help from a friend and open your heart to a friend or to a one you trust. Always remember do not suffer due to an annoying event. So, talk to your friend and try learning about a new viewpoint.
21. Listen to calming music
There is a famous quote that “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain” so keep it in mind. Turn on the music device and play any soulful tunes. Listen to favourite songs which can make you happy.

22. Direct your heat into an activity
You can release the outbreak by taking into something productive, so you can dance or run, jump rope or practice kickboxing, writing poetry, Gardening, playing with kids can motivate you a lot. You have to be engaged in anything that takes your interest.

23. Think before you answer
Think before showing your anger or say something which can make you regret later, so take a little time before answering. The first feeling that comes to mind when a person is outraged is not something which has to be sent really. So you need to set a timer then talk subsequently.

24. Focus on the right thing
Imagine the right things in your life and change your way of thinking. Deflect your mind from the wrong to the right and from the negative to positive.

25. Choose empathy
You have to understand all situations from the perspective of another person. Once you know their point of view, then you may help yourself to keep anger down because seeing their situation can recall the incident from a completely new viewpoint.

In this article, we have provided complete information on how you can control your anger so as we know that, anger is an emotion that everyone feels in their lives. It is a natural state which can result in the great realization and change in life, or it can do the opposite. This emotion is beneficial to make a positive move, and if anger takes the wrong way of an outbreak, physical harm or aggression, and it can cause several health problems too.

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