How to Create an Effective Positive Affirmation
By Shakeenah Kedem

Creating a positive affirmation that will work for you and not sabotage your efforts, takes just a little bit of skill and common sense. So this article has been created to help someone be able to quickly and effectively create a phrase that will serve their highest good and work for them.

The prevalent nature of our existence here on earth has us thinking in ways that are negative and depletive. In order to succeed in life we must get to a point of awareness first of our predominant thoughts and how they may be working against us.

After this, then we need to create some thoughts that will replace the negative ones. As you “delete", “cancel” or “erase”, the undesirable thoughts, then you want to download or upload some positive, beneficial thoughts. The key is to be persistent. I heard one teacher describe it as taking a new shiny nail and hitting it over top an old rusty, undesirable nail. You just keep hitting on it, until that new one completely knocks out the old nail and replaces it.

Keep in mind however, if the new program you run is not created in a way that your conscious mind will accept it and protect it, it is like making yourself vulnerable to catch some horrible virus that will come and create a big mess instead of allowing a new desirable habit or pattern to take over. The new program must be able to get past the conscious mind’s scrutiny, and make its way into the subconscious mind. This is where you want your positive affirmations to go.

How do we do this? We do this by adding a few words to the beginning of your affirmation, which makes it acceptable, believable, and agreeable to the conscious mind.

If you are 450 lbs., and say as your positive affirmation; “I am 145 pounds and wear a size 14”, or if you are trying to stop smoking, and say as your positive affirmation: “I am free of the desire to smoke cigarettes”, it will take a lot more time, effort, and struggles to actually convince yourself that this is true, when it simply is not. Your conscious mind will not let that non-realistic data get past it!

So, you will want to say something like: “I intend, that I am, free of the desire to smoke cigarettes, now”… or “I intend, that I am, a healthy 145 pounds and wearing a size 14, now”. Do you see what is happening here? For affirmations that reflect on issues that you see and feel the total opposite of daily, you may do best by gently introducing a new truth concept into your mind’s space that is more acceptable as a truth at that time.

Always create affirmations that are present tense statements. Avoid words such as “to be” “will be”. Avoid words such as “need”; keep it present tense; “I intend that I have $300 earnings daily, from expected and unexpected sources, now”.

Now that you have created some powerful affirmations for your self, you will want to repeat these to yourself three times a day, while looking in the mirror, for 21 days or more. Be sure to do them before you fall asleep; this is a very special time for affirmations to be able to sink into your subconscious mind.

I intend that you have success in creating and using positive affirmations, now!

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Shakeenah Kedem is a service oriented entrepeneur, and an Alternative Health Entrepreneur and Akashic Researcher living in the Northwest region of Arkansas, USA. Studying and practicing alternative healing methods for over 25 years and divining for over 5 years. Learn more here; Where you will discover healthy and soul-filled resources and services.