We live in a fear-based reality. A reality that says rocks are hard and water is wet, and that’s just the way the world is. In a reality that says take before you are taken, that you must fight for what you want because the world is harsh and cruel and there is not enough for everyone. In a world where things happen to everyone, so just accept it.

So how safe is your reality? How much imagining and worry and projection of “what ifs,” do you put in your future? “Oh, I would love to do that…but what if this happens?” In our culture, we have been trained to feel unsafe. In our mythology, we have been taught to hope for the best but assume the worst. But where’s the power in that statement? It’s in the worst because that’s what you are expecting and creating; however, our culture says that’s a good thing to do because then you will be prepared. But how can you be prepared when out of the blue in public places, strange things could happen? Like some crazy guy going “postal,” and shooting you? Or, where at any moment you are in anticipation that terrorists could do something horrible, and of course 9/11 entrenched this energy. And with all the mass shootings and the current debate over gun control, we as a nation are faced with how unsafe we all feel right now.

How can you protect yourself from bad things happening? Protection devices are security measures; whereas, safety is a resonance. You know that no matter how many protection devices you have, you are never totally safe. Safety is a choice. You have to choose to be safe. If you hold the resonance of safety, you will not attract to yourself something devastating.

If you are caught up in this fear based reality, it’s time for you to step beyond the limitations of your fear. Time to stop letting your fears run your life and time to claim your light. Here are some tips how you can hold the resonance of safety.

.Be present in the moment and claim that you are safe. Your power is only available to you when you are present. Also, you can make choices when you are present because you are in the greatest capacity of your power. Some people get present when they breathe, so breathe in and say, “I am present and I am safe right here in this moment.” That’s where you start.
•For you to be safe in your world, you’ve got to love everything that is there. It doesn’t mean that you turn a blind eye and ignore all the pain and suffering and ugliness. You know that doesn’t work. It means that you stop judging the ugliness because if you judge something, you will create fear in it and will bring limitation to yourself.
•Instead, take a deep breath and breathe the world into you, into your body and breathe out love and safety and see that love going out to every inch of our planet. Do it a few times. If you don’t judge it, then none of the pain or the suffering or the sorrow will stick to you. And as you send out love and safety, what does that do but heal all of that.
•Be courageous enough to dream. Dream for your world those qualities that you love and cherish and value. A dear friend once told me, “You never dream a dream—a true dream that is, without giving yourself the opportunity and means for making that dream come true.” Imagine what it would be like if we had harmony and cooperation between people and world peace.

You can take your power back from your fears and dream the future safe. You do it first for yourself and then for your world. And as more and more people join you, then the impact on our world expands and expands where the mythology of a fear based reality becomes a myth of a new reality founded in love and safety.

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Hosang is an author and healer who lives in South Florida with her husband, daughter and a host of animals. Her life was forever changed when she met Lazaris, a non-physical being who reminded her that she is a mapmaker, dreamer and dream-weaver, vision-maker and reality creator. In addition to her practice, she has written An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Volume 1.

Visit Suzanne online at www.suzannehosang.com