To study abroad, you inevitably need to find and choose a college for yourself. But everyone knows that finding a college is very troublesome since every country has dozens of universities and colleges and it is difficult to choose one among them. If you choose a college with high requirements, you may not be able to apply for it; If you choose the wrong one, you may get nothing. Thus, while finding a college, you must be patient and careful. What's more important, you should follow the right steps.

1. Decide the Location

Before finding a college, you'd better decide where to study: which country and which city. This will greatly narrow down your finding range. While making the decision, you can take your preference, desired city, financial ability, lifestyle, career planning, etc. into consideration. For instance, if you prefer to enjoy more entertainment and social activities during the study, you can choose a college near a city or in a city. Supposed that you are more interested in job opportunities after graduation, you can consider to study in a economically developed city.

2. Choose a Subject to Study

The major you choose is your focus in the following years. So instead of finding a famous college, you are more recommended to choose a college that is good at the subject you are interested in or choose. That is to say, you need to choose a subject to study before choosing a college. How to do that? The following questions can help you explore a suitable subject:

- What particular subjects are you interested in?

- What do you like to do outside of class?

- Are you interested in any particular occupation?

- Which major will help you achieve your goals?

When you figure out the questions above, maybe you can get a answer and choose a subject that fits you.

3. Tuition Fees

As we all know, the fees of studying abroad are very expensive, especially the tuition fees. So tuition fees and other fees for studying abroad are also the factors you need to consider while finding a school. Supposed that you don't have a budget, you can turn to choose a cheaper school or learn about scholarships. If you have enough budget, then you don't need to worry about the costs and choose any college without financial burden.

4. Find a College Using CatEight

Now you can start finding a college based on your need. Here, to quickly find a suitable college, it is recommended to use a professional as well as multifunctional school search tool - CatEight. It is a website designed for course and school search and application. Its School Finder can help you to find colleges from different countries with ease. Here is how:

- Go to > School Finder (

- Choose the school type and the school location you want to search. For example, if you want to find an Australian college, you can choose "College (and VET)" then continue selecting "Australia" in the boxes. Once done, you can click on "Search" to begin the school finding process.

- After that, you will see a list of colleges that meet your requirements are displayed on the interface. Just view them and click on "Details" when you find a school that you are interested in.

Except for that, you can also use the Course Finder of CatEight to find colleges through course. To achieve this goal, you can:

- Navigate to CatEight > Course Finder (

- Choose your desired course category (higher education, secondary, etc.), country/region, qualification, discipline, course fee, course duration, etc.

- Once confirming your options, you can tap on "Search" to find school and course.

5. Campus Activities

Socializing is also an important part of the college experience, so you should know about student activities at the college you want to attend. A campus with a lot of occasions to meet new friends is better than a campus with few activities. The activities can be sports, campus organizations, traditional activities and so on. By attending this kind of activities, you will be able to meet people from all over the world and make friends with those who has the same interests with you.

6. Apply for the Selected College

After finding a college that fits you, you can go on to apply for the selected college. The course application can be complete on CatEight as well - its Course Application will help you to apply for a college more conveniently and quickly. If you are interested in it, you can jump to the page: How to Apply for College Online? Look Up Results Here (

That's all for how to find a college that fits you. While finding a college, you should consider a lot of factors and it will take you some time. But this is worthwhile since you can benefit a lot from the selected college.

Author's Bio: 

Maria, an editor specialized in overseas study.