The Success Attitude formula makes achieving your Core Desires simple.

The Success Attitude formula shows you how to unlock and open the door of opportunity.

Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) X Proper Action + Persistence

Still, a Core Desire by itself won't get you where you want to go. If you live in California and want to drive to Washington, D.C., you may have a great desire, but you still need direction.

We already know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Wouldn't it make sense to go straight, or as straight as possible, toward our desired objective? Identifying Core Desires has a way of making you want to fulfill them as quickly as possible. Yet many folks, after they've pinpointed their Core Desires, get bogged down because they can't find direction. So find an accurate map, trace the best route, check with the travel club, and find out about any detours. Minimize your delays and annoyances.

It may not be simple to map out exactly how you'll increase your income, increase your free time, overcome habits that hold you back, or create close relationships. It's always much harder to find a map for those-but they do exist.

Once you know what your Core Desires are, you can make use of tools that are available to you, such as the ones listed below. But remember, these tools alone-without Core Desires- will get you nowhere fast.

Throughout history, world leaders have had their mentors. Franklin Roosevelt had George Marshall; the King of England had Winston Churchill; Julius Caesar had Mark Antony. If people at the very top are smart enough to seek out and utilize mentors, don't you think we'd be smart to do the same thing?

For every Core Desire you have, you can find a book. When you read books that address your Core Desire, reading can be a joy and a pleasure. You'll devour the words and eagerly apply all you've learned. (That's your Conquering Force in action.) Interestingly, the Conquering Force eliminates boredom, because you're always doing what you want. Only buy books that pertain to your identified Core Desires.

Audio and video programs
There are many audio- and videotapes out there, about everything from taxes to relationships. If they apply to your Core Desires, these tapes can help you apply your Conquering Force effectively. Many programs provide specific how-tos. If the content pertains to your Core Desires, the message can be life-changing.

Personal development courses and seminars
Again, as long as the content pertains to one or more of your Core Desires, seminar presentations can help you achieve your desires. Many seminars are free or very inexpensive because local universities or other organizations sponsor them. Seminars and courses are among the most powerful and helpful experiences you can have. Some last an hour or two, some five days. Often they are very intense and they are generally designed to help you overcome personal obstacles hindering your growth and
limiting your happiness. In these seminars and courses, you participate on an emotional level. My deepest Core Desire has always been to have the best relationship possible with my wife and children. Anything that can help me do that automatically helps me achieve my Core Desire .

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