Stray cats are common in Minecraft and are easy to find. They will spawn at villages if they are not already occupied. They will spawn around villages where you can find at least one villager and four beds. They will spawn more frequently during the full moon.

Stray cats are easily tamed if you feed them with raw fish. However, you must remember to be gentle with them and do not spook them. This is because stray cats are afraid of sudden movements and will run away if you make sudden movements. Once you start feeding them, grey particles will appear around them. After you have fed them with the fish, they will begin to follow you around. But you know there is this amazing website called which describes more about how to find stray cats in minecraft.

Cats are one of the most common pets in Minecraft. They spawn in villages and can protect you from phantoms and creepers. Cats are also good at scaring off Creepers. If you come across a cat while exploring, make sure to put the cat's spawn egg in your inventory.

While cats do not attack humans, they can get into the way of crafting and furniture. Unless you are careful, cats can climb on beds, furnaces, chests, and other items in the game. This can make them unusable until they are removed from the scene. To prevent this, you should either push the cat away from the area or lure it away with raw fish. If you are having trouble keeping a cat away, you can also remove a few blocks to move it somewhere else.

You can also find stray cats wandering around Minecraft villages. These pets are not uncommon and you can find them in many biomes. In addition, they can be tamed into pets. So, if you are looking for a pet, keep an eye out for stray cats.

You can tame these cats by taming them with fish. Once you tame a cat, it will start following you around. However, be sure not to make sudden movements when trying to catch it as they will run away from you if you approach them. You can also use lead to tether a cat to a fence post.

Tamed cats can be bred with other cats. The result is a kitten that is identical to the parent cat. If you feed a kitten with fish, it will grow faster than without fish. It will also be easier to spot and capture a stray cat.

When you see a cat wandering around a village, it is important to know how to get to them. They can teleport to you, but their teleportation is unreliable. The best way to catch a cat is to get close to it by using a watering can. But be careful, cats can be very dangerous.

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To prevent this, you should either push the cat away from the area or lure it away with raw fish.