How To Fix A Broken Marriage: How To Fix A Broken Marriage After Separation

Saying "I Do" is easy but it takes a great responsibility in making it work out. There are areas in our lives that we tend to give up and suddenly realized that you still want to fix the broken pieces.

Here are the sweet ingredients to fix the broken marriage:

1. TALK. Communication can fix the broken relationship again. Talk about your feelings about each other. Tell your partner what hurts you most and be honest about your fears. Broken marriages happen if the other person doesn't want to experience the fear of losing someone, so before this happen, they tend to counter attack by saying "goodbye". Try to tell your partner about this fear (you might not know, he also feel the same thing).

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2. REMINISCE. Look back when the love started. Re-kindle those cherished times together. Feel the long forgotten magical feeling that you both had before. Just imagine that you two meet because there is this one sweet feeling they call LOVE. The relationship started with love, so that means that it is there, it only needs some digging.

3. MEET HALF-WAY. Have something that you both agree. Each couple have different reasons and reactions. You must agree on something that will not lead to argument. Avoid those factors that can hurt your partner. Try not to change the person you marry, embrace what that person is really is. Respect each person.

4. BOND. Go to movies together. Dine out without the kids. Go jogging together this will build the communication gap between you and your partner. Have time for the two of you without excess baggage.

5. WRITE. Even if they say that this is obsolete yet this will still have great impact in the relationship. Send your partner a love note, a greeting card or even as little as a sticky note and stick it to your partner's journal.

6. LAUGH. Joke around each other. This is always forgotten in every relationship. Partners tend to go deeper in serious things that they forget to laugh. Crack a joke sometimes and make funny faces. Look back those funny experiences together.

7. FOCUS. Let your world evolve in each other. Let the relationship grow by not looking around. Stay focus in each other. Broken marriages happen when a person opens the window of possibility. Possibilities of meeting other people who might be a candidate of ruining the marriage. Have a pledge of commitment that your heart, mind and soul should focus on each other and in strengthening your marriage.

Try these ingredients of fixing your broken marriage and I know that this will create a very delicious recipe of a "STRONG MARRIAGE".

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I just found out that my spouse had an affair but I still love my spouse, so how can I stop the affair? We must first of all know why and how affairs happen before we can determine how to stop an affair. Affairs usually happen when there is a longing that is being overlooked. For example not making time to spend with spouse and family or not appreciating your spouse.

Imagine a husband who spends all day at work and does no even bother to take a few minutes to call his wife from work. Perhaps the wife is a stay at home mom or she might be gainfully employed as well. They are busy and don't spend enough time with each other. A special occasion might be coming up and she has asked the husband to get some things for her and the kids in advance. He promises to do it but he forgets. He used to try to spend more time with his wife and kids in the past, he used to attend functions that were important to the kids but he finds that now when he makes promises to his family he does not keep them.

Not only does he not get to see the kids because he gets home late when they are already asleep, but spending time with his family is almost non-existent these days. As time goes on his wife becomes offended by him for not setting some time aside to be there for the kids and her. The children also hurt because daddy seldom plays with them, plus he never keeps his promises to them.

Now envision that while daddy is away, there is some other guy who lends a helping hand to his wife and kids. Maybe he helps her fix broken things at home or mow the lawn. Mr nice guy helps her out with stuff that daddy used to do. He also occasionally takes the kids out to do fun stuff so mummy can have some much needed time to rest. Soon enough, Mr nice guy may become the hero for her kids and the kids may sometimes wish their daddy was like this guy. She may begin to confide in him and may complain about her relationship with her husband and all.

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At first, this may all seem harmless but sure enough with time, she may find her emotions for Mr. nice guy are no longer neutral and before she knows it, an affair happens. So how to stop an affair? Making time to be there for your family irrespective of how busy you are is an important ingredient in preserving your marriage.

On the other hand, picture a husband who gets home tired and weary and hopes to find some rest and peace at home. However his wife has her own idea and feels she has been home all day with the kids so it is time he helped her out a little. She may nag, complain and pick fights with him if all he wants to do is eat and go to bed and because of that he may feel disrespected and unappreciated. Meanwhile, in the office everyone respects and treats him well, especially his secretary who thinks the world of him and lets him know it. Gradually, he falls for his secretary who makes him feel important because she admires him.

Many women pay too much attention to physical appearance to get a man but what most men really want is a woman who admires him.Though a woman may think her husband has an affair with the secretary because she's hot, young or has some physical attribute she lacks, this is not necessarily the case.

So how to stop an affair? Honestly, most men that have affairs are CRAVING to be adored and admired by their spouse and children. If they do not get this admiration at home and rather feel nagged, it becomes easy for them to fall prey to any woman who makes him feel honored. A wife who holds her husband in respect, makes him feel admired and esteemed, is wise because she empowers him with the ability to resist temptation to infidelity, since he will do anything to NOT lose her great respect and admiration. This is one of the best ways to stop an affair.

If you are wondering how to stop an affair, you need to know what really makes your spouse tick and give it to them. Men want to know that their wife and children think of him as the HERO in the family. Treat him as one and you won't need to fear his going out to seek admiration.

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Well if you have been betrayed by marital infidelity I know you may feel right now that there is no hope. If you are asking can a marriage survive an affair, trust me it can. If you seek and follow the right advice on rebuilding trust in your marriage, and are determined to work on it, you will be able to stay together and move on past the extramarital affair.

I was watching a movie the other day that made me think about how marital affairs happen. It is said that familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps no truer words have been said about relationships. This article discusses what can be done to help a marriage survive an affair.

Before you got married, while you were still dating or even before you started dating,you probably were awed by your spouse. Asking them out made you nervous and fearful of being turned down and when they did agree to date you, you seemed to be the happiest person on earth.

You took your time to get ready for that date. May be you put on your best outfit and perfume. You made sure you looked your best and even rehearsed in front of the mirror what you were going to say or do so as not to screw up your date.

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Now that you're married you have become so familiar with your spouse that they no longer make your heart skip a beat. You no longer have butterflies in your stomach or jitters down your spine at the sound of their voice.

How did this happen? When did this person who once captivated you so much become someone you hardly even notice these days?

For a marriage to survive an affair, we must be careful to maintain the excitement we felt at seeing each other when we first started dating. That is one way to ensure that our marriage can outlast any affair.A couple can survive an affair if they are willing to work on the underlying causes of the betrayal.

Most often, affairs don't simply happen because the other person is just craving for sex. It is usually a sign of deeper issues about the relationship. Most likely, someone's needs are being ignored. They feel dissatisfied in the relationship and thus look for what they are not getting in the marriage else where. Take sometime and think about how you lost the enchantment for your partner. What are some things you can do to restore that thrill?

Can a marriage survive an affair? I hope you can forgive your spouse, work through the problems that led to the affair and rebuild honesty again so that you can have a positive answer to this question.

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Busyness is a major culprit that makes couples spend less and less time together, thus leading to a loss of feelings of affection they once had for each other and may even lead to infidelity. A man spends long hours at work and is hardly there for his wife and children. A woman may spend her entire time at home, catering to the children's needs.

When the husband comes back from work, he is exhausted and all he wants to do is eat and go to bed. The wife on the other hand has been waiting all day for him to come home so she can spend some quality time with him. As this pattern continues, she gradually feels frustration about their relationship and begins to resent him.

Can such a marriage work? Can such a relationship be salvaged? Busy schedules make marriage very challenging but the couple that is determined to make it in this fast paced world will have to go the extra mile to make time for each other, if they are going to save their marriage.

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If your marriage is important to you, you must stop making the "I am too busy" excuse and find time for the most important relationship you have. Here are a few ways to let your spouse know you care in spite of your busy schedule.

1.Call your spouse during lunch breaks or when you are on a business trip.

2.Consistently leave little notes here and there as reminders of your love

3.Try to set aside one day at the weekend, hire a baby sitter or send the kids to some relative and just take your wife out. You can do movies, lunch or dinner or shopping.

4.You can plan a date night each weekend and just spend time with her

5.Don't do school and work at the same time. If you do, try to take a lighter load of academic work so that you can have more time to spend with your spouse.

6.Surprise her by sending her flowers and a card, whether she is at home or at work, from time to time. Even if it's not her birthday

Trust me NOTHING is worth costing you your marriage. Finding time for your spouse even if you are busy is difficult but DOABLE. Of course you need to create an action plan and implement it but it is well worth it.

If busyness has robbed you of intimacy with your spouse. If your love for each other has grown cold and you are at the verge of infidelity. Don't give up on your marriage yet. Use the above simple steps to quickly bring your marriage romance back to life and save your marriage from divorce.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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