How To Fix A Failing Marriage: Ways To Save A Failing Marriage

It can be quite challenging and frustrating trying to save a failing marriage. If your spouse is very serious about leaving, it can be a very traumatic and depressing experience. Here are a few tips on how to save a failing marriage -

Put down on paper qualities you love in your spouse - In a bid to first acknowledge the positives from your perspective, write down on a piece of paper every single quality that you love in your spouse. Ask your spouse to do this too as this will help view each other from a fresh perspective and rekindle the missing love.

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Woo your spouse to go on a date with you - Going back in time to those romantic dating days can infuse fresh enthusiasm and excitement into your relationship. Doing something totally different can also deter you from ruminating over the misunderstandings and fights in the recent past.

Communicate with your spouse - Most often than not, lack of communication is one of the main reasons for the collapse of marriage. Sit with your spouse and with a calm demeanour, discuss the problems you both face and try to work out solutions to make your marriage work.

Write down a list of problems and work out solutions - Write down a list of problems that your marriage is facing right now and discuss in detail to work out solutions with a flexible and compromising attitude.

Give each other enough space - Sometimes, being away from each other for a while will ensure that you both do not address issues in a highly emotional manner. A little distance can also help you look at your marriage from a clear perspective.

Focus on solutions rather than on problems - Rather than focusing on and discussing the problems over and over again, give strong attention only to solutions.

Stop asking friends and relatives for advice - We tend to rely on advice given by our close relatives and friends when our marriage is in trouble. If you seriously want to save your failing marriage, avoid taking the advice of outsiders as they are not in a position to judge based on the limited account you give them.

Follow these few tips and you will soon find your marriage well on its way to healing. You will be surprised at how fast you get back with your spouse and start leading a very happy life.

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There are many different ways to save a troubled marriage, so it's easy to find advice that can help you save your marriage. However there are some things to consider. For instance, does the advice help you long term or for a short period of time? So many people focus on the short term solution rather than improving their marriage for the long term.

Many people try to save a troubled marriage quickly. This quick approach solves their problems for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. After a while the same problems they had a few weeks or months ago as came back to haunt them.

The reason this happens is because the foundation wasn't in place and their marriage hasn't been built for longevity. You must learn to lay the foundation first, before you can begin to build a marriage that will last for a long time.

These are 10 ways to save a troubled marriage and build your marriage to last.

1. Communicate (don't talk):

Many married believe they communicate but they don't. They use empty words that mean nothing to their relationship. Instead of communicating to understand their partner intimately, they talk to their partner as if they were one of their friends at work. Learn to communicate with feelings and emotions, this is an important step to save your troubled marriage.

2. Leave your ego at the door:

It is a known fact, egos damage marriages. Leave your ego at the door and you will be surprised at how easy it is to communicate with your partner.

3. Act On Your Promises:

A lot of people in their marriages promise to do a lot of things but never act on them. If you promised your spouse you were going to do something, whether it be big or it be small, just do it.

4. Be The Loser:

Some married couples treat their marriage more like a competition and less like a partnership. Both spouses want to win every argument and wants to prove a point. In order to save your marriage and build a relationship that will last, someone has to learn to be the loser. You can't always win and you can't always be right. It's impossible.

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5. Keep It Real:

Don't be fake by telling lies and trying to be sneaky. Many people use deception and trickery to save a troubled marriage. Though this might solve your problems for a short while, overtime this tactic will back fire and cause you more problems down the road.

You owe it to your partner to be real and truthful with them. Solving the problems in your marriage this way is guaranteed to build a strong, healthy, and long lasting marriage.

6. Uncover The Real Issue:

Many married couples let arguments about petty issues get in the way of bigger issues that are really bothering them. The only way to uncover the real issue is to calm down the argument and begin communicating with passion what is really bothering you. Once you start communicating your main issues with your partner, they will begin to open up and communicate their main issues also.

7. Listen:

Stop talking and listen to what your partner has to say. People think their listening simply because they stop talking when their spouse is speaking. However, research has shown that when people stop talking and let their spouse speak, they are thinking about what they are going to say next instead of actually listening. Make the effort to listen and you will be surprised at how much you will learn about your partner everyday.

8. Grow Your Love:

Find ways to grow the love between you and your partner. When love for each other is continually growing it will become strong enough to hold up and against any problems your marriage may face.

9. Break Down Barriers:

This is probably the biggest problem in marriages. Every problematic marriage has barriers preventing love for growing, proper communication, and getting along with each other. Every marriage has it's own specific barrier preventing the marriage from being all it can be. Once you break down these barriers, your marriage will have less problems and more love.

10. Show Compassion:

Showing compassion is the most important step to save a troubled marriage. If your spouse still loves you and you still love your spouse then it should be easy to show one another the love and compassion needed to save your troubled marriage. When you show compassion to your spouse, you are showing them that you still care and you still love them. By simply showing some compassion will quickly save your marriage and build a long, healthy marriage.

When you learn to utilize all 10 of these components, you can quickly and easily save a troubled marriage before it's too late. Though it will take longer than a quick fix, it is well worth the effort. This is how you build your relationship to last.

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Marriage is often one of the biggest accomplishments and certainly one of the happiest for most people in society, especially for women. People strive so hard to find that special person to tie the knot with and settle down. Yet, they are ready to throw away that hard work and effort they put into their relationship so quickly. All marriages start off good, but as time goes on if the commitment of the husband and wife isn't fueled by love then their marriage will eventually fail.

True love is the only way to rejuvenate your marriage, stop divorce, and get on with your lives together. As long as love still exists between both partners, they can make it through any tough situations, problems, and so on.

In fact, if both partners really still love each other it will be hard for one of them to leave the other. This is why there are so many unhappy marriages, because even though they are upset with each other they can't seem to go their separate ways. They argue and fight without ever connecting with the real issues there having.

Love is what a marriage needs in order to stop a divorce. There is no other way around it. In order to save your marriage with love there is a simple step you can apply that will promote the transition.

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Lose Your Ego:

Ego is probably the biggest enemy to a married couples relationship. It is what fuels angry arguments and promotes less meaningful communication. An ego makes you defend yourself as strongly as possible whether your wrong or right. You try to communicate with your partner but your ego forces you to start an argument you know you can win, just so you can feel superior to your spouse. If you begin to lose your ego when your communicating with your spouse it will keep you from retaliating when you are being thrown under the bus.

The less you retaliate the quicker you can calm down the argument and begin to communicate with your spouse properly. Once your partner sees you are no longer trying to win every argument they will begin to not care either. Once you have accomplished this, the biggest barrier in your marriage has been removed. Now the two of you can focus on more important things like loving each other.

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It's amazing to me when I see the staggering statistics of divorce. You would think during these troubled times married couples would put in the effort to bond closer together. Instead, they let surface problems such as money drive a wedge between them.

Money is one of the biggest reasons marriages turn bad, but it isn't the only reason. There are plenty other reasons why a marriage turns bad and the sad part is most of these are reasons are petty. Regardless of how petty or how serious the reason, if both people still love each other from their hearts then their marriage can survive anything it faces.

My advice to anybody involved in a bad marriage right now is to focus on the core value of love. Once you focus and put your energy into this aspect of your marriage you will quickly regain that loving relationship you once shared with your partner.

The best part about this strategy is you are effortlessly repairing your marriage. You see, marriages have to grow because as time goes on there are more challenges, obstacles, and situations that will put a lot of stress on your marriage. Love is the foundation that keeps your marriage firm, so if your love for each other doesn't continue to grow as time goes on then your marriage will begin to fall apart.

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If you still truly love your partner then showing them that you love and care for them should be easy. Love is the thing that put you two together in the first place, it is what encouraged you to spend the rest of your life with partner.

So all you have to do is continue to show your partner that you still love them and if they still truly love you, they will begin to follow your lead and show you love in return. The biggest hurdle most failing marriages have to deal with is pride.

Pride keeps them from apologizing, pride keeps them from admitting they were wrong, pride keeps them from showing each other love, pride keeps them from even talking about their issues because they don't want to seem like their weak. When you take pride out of the scenario you can quickly begin to mend your relationship, because it's the only thing preventing you from showing your partner the love necessary to save your marriage.

Do nothing and let things come naturally. Forget about whatever your partner did to you that you didn't like because i'm sure they remember some things that you did that wasn't so nice either. Once this tension is out of the way let your instincts take over, the same instincts you used when you two first started out in this relationship. You will begin to repair your bad marriage by really doing nothing.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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