How To Fix A Marriage When One Is Unhappy: What To Do When Your Not Happy In Your Marriage

I work separately with husbands and wives who are at their wits end on how to transform their unhappy marriage. Unhappy marriages produce a bi-product called tension. It's this constant tension that creates all that intensity and urgency that's tearing your family apart. What you really need is one skill and that skill is learning to eliminate your negative feelings in 60 seconds in spite of your very tense circumstances. (Notice I said eliminate negative feelings, not stuff.)

Once you learn this skill, you'll find, like virtually everyone who learns this, that your spouse feels the change - even from far away. It's simple. Think of it this way. When your marriage is in trouble, the two of you are full of this continuous tension that pours out of both of you. It creates this spinning cycle of anger, bitterness and resentment to the point where you can no longer talk, you can't relate, you can't forgive, - you can hardly live.

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Now think back for a moment to the time when you first fell in love and you'll remember there was NO tension between you. Tension is the foundation of the death of your marriage. Eliminate it and you begin to move back to where you wanted to be in the first place.

So for those of you who follow my work with couples, you'll hear me make that eliminate your negative feelings in 60 seconds statement, but what I'm really telling you is that you must eliminate the tension inside of you because it only takes one to get the ball rolling before you start seeing results.

Now think about this for a second. What if you COULD ELIMINATE that tension in yourself completely and replace it with a feeling that was calm and much that you suddenly feel safe with each other again? Imagine how you would relate to your tense spouse then? He or she would not be able to MAKE you feel bad anymore because your tension would be gone.

Your self- confidence and a warm feeling toward your spouse would begin to grow. It's not enough to TELL your spouse that you are a changed person. That means nothing. What your spouse wants is a change in the feeling, the vibe you give off. The problem is that you don't know how to do that because you don't' understand how human beings are wired.

Why would your spouse want to walk out on a level-headed, calm, kind and rational person who has no tension? Above all else, eliminating your tension is the ONE thing you can do to dramatically affect your unhappy marriage.

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When you think about it, there are so many problems that can arise in a marriage. From financial problems all the way down to the simplest disagreement, marriages face a lot of problems. However, the 3 biggest problems in marriage are most often compromising, communicating, and commitment.

No question about it, it's a small chance a marriage will fail if both the husband and wife consistently compromise, communicate, and stay %100 committed to each other. With that said, how does a married couple consistently communicate, compromise, and stay committed to each other?

For one, it's important for both spouses to spend a fair amount of time with each other romantically. Marriages that commonly have these 3 problems are lacking this intimate interaction between each other. These 3 problems don't stand a chance to develop if both the husband and the wife are constantly interacting with each other affectionately.

If a married couple interacts with each other like they are just friends, not only will the marriage develop problems, but it will almost be impossible to save it. Solving the problems in your marriage won't happen over night, but it's never too late to turn your marriage around for the better.

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Take a look at some of the things you can start doing to turn your marriage around in these areas.

1. Compromising

Instead doing everything you want to do, consider your partner's feelings for a second and do something they want to do.

2. Communicating

By far the most important component of any relationship is communicating. Proper communicating is not just talking; it is also about listening and understanding where your partner is coming from. Don't just communicate with your partner when you have a problem, make an effort to communicate with them about everything. From how your day went to the nice shirt you just picked out.

3. Commitment

This is the obvious one, but many married couples neglect it. Staying committed doesn't just mean not cheating, it means staying committed to your partner's feelings, emotions, and their well-being.

Make the effort to work on these three areas and you will find that your marriage has fewer problems.

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Without a doubt, divorce brings on changes in your life and in the lives of the people around you. Family members and friends tend to take sides in a divorce. Which means some people might consider you wrong or might not even agree with the reasons for the divorce.

Some studies have shown that when people divorce they spend less time with the people they were once close with when married. With that said, a dramatic lifestyle change is one reason to save your marriage and stop a divorce but these 3 reasons are much bigger reasons why you shouldn't give up on your marriage.

1. Your Divorce Will Hurt Your Children

If you have kids, then saving your marriage should be something to seriously consider. Kids of divorced parents have a difficult time through the whole process. Don't be alarmed if your kids school grades begin to drop, your kids become depressed, or if your kids have trouble making and keeping friends.

It's been proven, even if a child is part of an unhappy home he or she will still benefit more than a child whose parents are no longer together. A child will be much happier with both their parents together even if their household isn't perfect.

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2. Divorce Costs A lot Of Money

Not all divorces will cost you an arm and a leg, but at the minimum a divorce will cost you several hundred dollars. It's no secret it costs a lot less to save a marriage than it will to end one.

3. Divorce Hurts

Everyone may not know this until they go through a divorce, but a divorce hurts. No one can describe how much a divorce hurts because it hurts some people deeper than others. While going through a divorce you will go through a variety of different emotions you never imagined. Without a question, divorce stinks.

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On your wedding day both you and your spouse were filled with joy, and you were sure of yourself that the two of you would be bonded to each other forever. However, after a while things can start looking hopeless and the passion you two once shared with each other maybe a thing of the past. Don't give up, there is always a way to revive your marriage and strengthen the promises the two of you made on your wedding day.

Believe it or not, A good marriage life will have a positive effect on everything and everyone around you. Your children, family, friends, workplace, and your well being will operate a lot smoother when your involved in a good marriage. Here are 2 tips that will help get you started in the right direction towards a long, healthy and good marriage.

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1. Discuss Things With Each Other.

Everyday you should try to tell your partner about your day. Tell them about the news you found interesting, tell them about that funny situation that happened at work. Everyday talk to them about something and this will build upon the bond you two already share. Even the smallest form of communication is good, because it will leave no room for non-communication. Non-communication is the biggest enemy of a marriage so do your best to not let your marriage fall victim to this bad habit. Discuss different things with each other and listen, listen well.

2. Display Affection

You will be surprised at how far showing your spouse you love them with a small touch will take you. It's the little things in a marriage that add up to big rewards. Don't hesitate to show your spouse you love them by holding their hands or giving them a small kiss on the cheek.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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