How To Fix An Unhappy Marriage & Make It Better: Stuck In An Unhappy Marriage

Unfortunately, there are couples out there who feel completely unfulfilled by their marriages and it fails to bring them the happiness that they thought it would. Sometimes, this is due to an element missing in the relationship; perhaps communication, romance, lack of understanding, mixed beliefs or feelings of neglect.

In other cases, in can be a result of two unhappy people who happen to be married to each other. Either way, it is important to recognise that divorce won't necessarily make you any happier and be the answer to all your prayers. Instead, you should commit yourself to understanding what issues you and your partner have, and resolve them.

First, an examination is in order; establish if you are feeling unhappy with your marriage or if you are unhappy in general. This is half the battle, but it requires that you be completely honest with yourself. In taking time to think this through, you may uncover some factors which you hadn't quite recognised previously.

If it is your marriage which is the issue, it is imperative that you discuss this with your partner. It won't necessarily be easy or comfortable, but it is essential if you want your relationship to flourish once again. When doing this, make sure that you aren't in 'attack mode' and being accusatory. Playing the blame game won't help in the slightest.

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Bear in mind that the aim of having this conversation is to get back onto the same wavelength and work together in finding a solution. Choose a time to have this discussion when neither of you are in a rush that way you can focus completely on what each other has to say. Be aware of how you phrase what you say also. For example 'I feel that over these past couple of months, we've started to grow apart. I'd really benefit from working with you in changing that'

You are stating how you feel whilst remaining calm and logical. Initially, this approach may instead seem cold and mechanical but it provides the perfect environment to be constructive and make headway which is almost impossible when the situation is getting heated between the two of you.

Marriage counselling is a really great way to make progress in your relationship if you are struggling to express how you feel and get your point of view across. Also having time scheduled each week to talk things through can be more effective than a single discussion with your partner.

If you find that you are feeling unhappy in general, let your partner know. He or she may be wondering if it is instead due something that they have or haven't done. They will also provide you with the support and understanding that can be really essential at such times.

You may be intimately aware of why you feel low. If this is the case, simply do what is required to get to where you want to be. This statement sounds easier said than done, but I would urge to not complicate matters for yourself. Keep it as basic as getting your life to where you want it to be. Don't wait weeks, months or years to make these changes; start effective immediately.

This may involve handing in your resignation and working towards landing the job you've always been dreaming about, getting healthy and into better shape, giving up drinking completely or talking with your family again. As cliché as it sounds, be honest with yourself and make happiness the end goal.

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Stress can strike in your marriage at any time. Stress from work, arguments regarding finances and raising the kids, sexual issues, all can deflate the passion and love in a marriage. The problems of daily life can even make you forget how to show your love for your spouse. It's all too common that relationships often get shortchanged in the hubbub of daily life. In fact, they're usually the first thing to get tossed aside, sometimes to make room for the most insignificant things.

Recent research has shown how stress outside of the home can infiltrate into a marriage. People fear for their jobs, are working longer hours, maybe have a hostile boss, and all of this can lead to more conflict in a marriage, less engagement at home, and insensitivity to those who are close to us.

Some people who are affected by stress will withdraw from their partner and will let themselves be distracted by something like television. Others might let out their pent-up stress on those around them through yelling or screaming. Whenever one family member experiences stress other members of the family are going to experience it indirectly. This spillover from the workplace to family can result in spiraling conflict, tension, and more overwhelming stress.

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Address the stressful areas of your life by developing a plan to cope with it. Build time into your marriage for fun and relaxing together. If your partner seems more irritable than usual don't get caught up in it by taking it personal. Instead try to understand what they're going through and ask questions.

Marriage problems are no different than any other problems you come across in daily life. You simply need the right tools for the job. There is no real mystery surrounding what is perceived to be the perfect marriage; you just have two people who have learned how to make a marriage work. Life is stressful enough without having your relationship with your spouse turn into another source of frustration and pain.

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Marriage isn't something that most of us take lightly. When we promise to love our spouse until the end of our lives, we usually mean it. At that point in our lives, we are glowing in love, and our futures look particularly bright to us. Unfortunately, that situation doesn't last forever, except in fairy tales. People grow and change, responsibilities multiply, and the relationship you once had seems to be a vague memory in your distant past. No one can stop the movement of time; however, we can learn ways to adapt and change with it and to grow our marriages so that they remain strong and vital. A marriage coach has the tools to show you how.

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If you are 100% serious about saving your marriage, and if you are willing to be a good student in following the lessons taught by the marriage coach, he'll be willing to work with you. He is committed to helping people save their marriages, even if their spouse is insisting on divorce, but you have to want it as much as he does in order for his methods to succeed. He's offering you a free 30-minute telephone consultation during which you can get more of an idea about what it is he has to teach you, and he can get a better feel for your level of commitment. If he doesn't believe you'd be a good candidate, he'll tell you so and won't try to pressure you into pursuing his training. He's obviously not just in this profession to line his own pockets.

Examine your feelings and try to decide if you're serious about stopping your divorce, and if you are, contact the marriage coach and get started in his program, the sooner the better.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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After marriage things seem to settle into a routine and if you both do not watch out, one or both the partners might get bored and might even consider cheating on their spouse for that extra excitement and adventure that they are not getting from their married life. It is even worse when there are children involved and the mother or father have to concentrate on the children and less on themselves. The secret to any successful marriage is romance and taking each other first way before the children. After all, you were there long before they came into the picture and it will only be fair if you make time for your partner and then the children later, romance after marriage is very important.

To make sure there is romance after marriage, you should never stop doing the things you used to do before you got married and along came the children. If you used to go out go, please continue. Go to as many romantic places as you can. Children can never be a problem and as much as you think you need to be there all the time for them you do not. You can ask your sister or brother to look out for them and go to a romantic restaurants. It will only take some few hours. While there try not to worry about the children, let this time be about you and your partner. Leave an emergency number for the person taking care of them to call if you simply cannot leave. Don't wait for the phone to ring. Things can't just go wrong because you stepped out for a few hours. So relax.

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Before you got married you used to touch your partner all the time and hug them. What could have possibly changed that you do not want to touch them again. Touching people goes a long way in saying you do not like them. Even if you do not think your partner notices, you should continue touching and hugging your partner. That way, you will be communicating to them that they are the ones you still love and the one you want to still touch and hug. Romance after marriage should never stop. When you come back from work say halloo and show enthusiasm of seeing your partner. No matter how tired you are you should be happy to see your partner. You used to be happy to see them before you got married. Be happy to see them now that you are married.

Tell one another that you love each other. No matter how long you have stayed married to a person, they still need to be told they are loved. Do not make it a habit of saying you the love the person in a hurried manner until the words do not have any meaning. Say it like you mean it and if possible, say it with your eyes. The eyes are very good communicators and if you really meant what you said, your eyes would tell. This are just but a few things that you should do with your spouse that are very important that some people ignore. Marriage is forever, try to make it a wonderful experience and not to stop romance after marriage.

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