As we know, carpet is the most crucial part of our home and carries lots of dust or debris through high or low foot traffic. Due to everyday usage of carpet can make your carpeting dirty. Your carpet requires proper maintenance. Sometimes, small wear and tear can cause carpet decay and make your carpet offensive. If you have pets or kids in your home, there is a high chance that you may need to repair often due to small carpet damages. A small tear can also be offensive and annoying, but we have amazing tricks to repair your lovely carpet. We can divide your carpet repairing into three sections; like

Small Tears Carpet repairing
Large Tear Repair
Fixing Multiple Tears
Things You Will Need
Flat-edged tools
heat-activated tape
Steam iron
Adhesive glue
Carpet thread
Knee kicker
Tape measure
Utility knife
Spare carpet
Double-sided tape
Fine-tooth comb

Method 1- Small Tears Carpet Repairing

Start method of carpet damage repair by putting a small slide or flat-edged tool such as a ruler underneath your carpet and lift the torn edge to fix it.

Now, you have to fold back the ripped carpet as much as tear appears and make a line of seam adhesive tape along the bottom carpet tear edges, so that that you can put the carpet back down and push it into actual place. Then, cut a small piece of heat-activated tape that should be longer than the carpet tear. After cutting the tape, put it under the carpet tear and run the steam iron over the tape by pressing it.

In the third process of Carpet Patching Werribee, you have to replace the missing fibers along with the tear. Cut off the small part from the hidden section of your carpet such as under a large piece of furniture or along the baseboards. Then, attach each carpet fiber separately with adhesive glue.

Method 2- Large Tear Repair

Use a specific tool to pull up a carpet edge from the tack strips which is closest to the damaged section of carpet. Again fold back the carpet so that you can see easily see the carpet damage area.

Choose the matching colour of your carpet with measuring the damaged area of your carpet. And, start a sewing torn area with proper stitching. But make sure that your stitching should not be appeared from the top side.

Use adhesive tape to fix the stitches along with the edges of your carpet. Now, make a wavy line through the adhesive tape that meets both sides of the stitches. Then, reattach the tack strips by using the knee kicker. For further information, you can contact our professionals and ask them to get carpet repair services Geelong West.

Method 3 - Fixing Multiple Tears of Carpet

Make a square around the carpet damaged area, by using small chalk of piece. Measure everything like the width and depth of the damaged section. And, then cut off the hidden section according to your measurements for replacing the torn or ripped area of your carpet.

Use a utility knife to cut the damaged area along the chalk line and then, remove it. Avoid unnecessary cutting.
Use double-sided tape to fix the carpet. Put the tap underneath your carpet and press it for placing it. For blending the edges of the existing carpet use a fine-tooth comb.

Ask Professionals to Get Accurate Carpet Repairing

If you want to get professional carpet repair services, can call us at any time. SK Carpet Repair Melbourne has experienced and qualified workers who will provide you excellent services at your place. We know how to repair any kind of carpet with professional skills.

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