Sometimes in life we do some things that change the course of our life forever. At times it seems impossible for us to live with ourselves, with guilt burdening us down. But these are the times when your endurance is tested. There are two things you can do:

1. Be miserable for the rest of your life.
2. Allow yourself to heal
If you allow yourself to heal, in the process you’ll become a better human being who would any day be better than that sulky person; which you would become if you don’t forgive yourself.

After dilemma of forgiving yourself or not, the question that follows is: How do you go about it?
Fear not, here are some steps that could help you in your journey towards forgiving yourself:

1. Understanding the art of forgiving yourself: Forgiving yourself does not mean forgetting or thinking what happened is okay. It is a better understanding of yourself, taking responsibility for your actions, learning from your mistakes and making new choices to improve your present.
2. Understanding the importance of forgiving yourself: You are vulnerable and sadness eats you up when you don’t forgive yourself. Release yourself from such restraints and say hello to better and happier life.
3. Acceptance of yourself and your past: Don’t run away from your past or try to change. It’s already gone and there’s nothing you can do about it. What you can do is embrace it and work on your present.
4. Realization: Realizing your mistakes is the first step to self forgiveness. Because until you realize your errs, you won’t feel the need to forgive yourself.
5. Loving yourself again: Learn to love yourself again. Accept yourself and make yourself understand that you are only human and bound to make mistakes. Don’t abandon yourself.
6. Confrontation of your past: Confront yourself for your actions. Take the responsibility for your actions but not the guilt. Guilt is not the part of the package. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t forgive yourself.
7. Allow yourself to heal: Until you give yourself the permission to heal, to let go off everything, not forget though, you can’t forgive yourself.
8. Acknowledge your emotions: Accept your emotions instead of hiding from them. Tackle your negative emotions like anger, frustration, fear and vulnerability.
9. Give your life a positive direction: Learn to love yourself again, love others, let go off your baggage and befriend a lighter, happier self. This will automatically stimulate a positive attitude in you.

Forgiving yourself is a journey and its destination is a better, positive you. Get rid of the skeletons in your closet and don’t let the past foreshadow your present and future. Feel the positivity around you and don’t lose your will. Be grateful for the wonderful people in your life and think about them, how they would get affected by your sadness. Be compassionate towards yourself and change your negative outlook. It’s time for you to discover the best in you, let yourself free and do that.

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