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Our human state of worry – an inevitable string of habitual thoughts accumulated over time. It must have started with one careless, ungrateful thought. Somewhere back in time, we must have forgotten to stay in touch with things that fulfill us. And, by taking them for granted, they must have started to lose visibility. And then we started replacing them with other thoughts, impatiently, to fill the voids. Our mind would start to search from one thing to another and somehow we are just not pleased by anything much at all. It starts to feel like clutter is all around us.

Clutter – multiple bits and pieces scattered everywhere, bearing incomplete connectivity to your headspace – revolving around you arbitrarily. The more you look, the more cluttered you feel! Help!

What if there was a magical way to stop this?

Could it be that we could just stop looking at clutter altogether and our worries disappear? This seems like a beautiful solution for a moment… but then, all of a sudden, our mind would relapse into thinking of how it is not possible to do this! Why? Perhaps, we have become so habituated to clinging on to things that we have to do – from trying to make more money in your career to having to having to mow the lawn. These ‘responsibilities’ will show up in our thoughts again and again, one by one as stings of worries. The magical possibility of choosing to not look at clutter and feel good again drops down the drain. We then accept clutter as part of our daily life. How will we ever recover from this vicious cycle?

Of course it sounds like it should be as simple as ignoring the clutter to make it go away. But what will take the place of clutter? Something has to.

How now do we replace clutter with non-clutter? Perhaps our solution here is not just to stop looking at clutter, hoping it vanishes, but to replace it with things that nourish our heart and mind. Our mind deserves to have good thoughts, calm and fulfilling thoughts; our heart deserves to beat with hope and not fear. So for every worrying thought that we throw out of our life, may we replace it with a fulfilling thought.

To simply replace a whole string of worried thoughts shuffling within our head, this must be no easy feat. But, wait.

Two insights that may help provide healing outcomes —

For years, we have chosen and accumulated so many thoughts of worry within us. It is like we have carried rock after rock and filled up our lives with hundreds of them. And now, we may realize that it is burdening us and preventing us from living with peace of mind. Great! But, the very thought of removing these rocks, rock by rock seems like an uphill task, so overwhelming that it can make us cling on to them further.

First Insight: The Scales will tip!

Think of your being as one end of the measuring scales. At present, you may have hundreds of rocks and as you shift them away one by one, they fall to the other end. In the beginning, it would be difficult, yes. But the more rocks you push away, the more the scales will tip. And it will reach a point, somewhere in the middle, when gravity will take in the rest of your load! You will then be up in the air, emptied out of every burden!

All you have to do is start and as the gears shifts you will accelerate toward freedom!

Second Insight: Attract good thoughts with gratitude

Think of your being as a magnet and good thoughts as pieces of iron. Wherever this magnet travels, it will only pick up iron, regardless of all other materials that surrounds.

When you are grateful, there will be no possible room for negative thoughts. Like the magnet, it attracts only pieces of good even if they are amidst pieces of not-good.

Start, perhaps by looking for what your heart and mind really Love. When we start to do that we are being grateful for the heart and mind we have, we are treating them with Love and respect. And, a grateful spirit will only savor the tasteful in life.

When you look with Love, you are not only affirming the fact that you are a Loving person but also being grateful for what is in front of you.

We can learn to start being grateful for everything in front of us, one by one by one; the scales are bound to tip. Along the process, we will see that it is becoming easier to practice gratitude and the good energy we are surrounded by will increase exponentially.

Gratitude is not only looking for or at Lovely things but feeling absolute Love for them. We then become aware of them. The Lovely things then come to us. And the Lovely thoughts become our experience.

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