Learning how to gain confidence is something everybody can benefit from in various aspects of their life! The challenge is that many are reluctant to even engage in certain pursuits because they lack confidence in their own abilities! This of course keeps many from being successful in certain areas of their lives or fields of interest! The irony here is that people become more self confident as they gain experience but if they're reluctant to try due to a lack of expertise what do you do?

Here is a 3 step process that will make you more self confident in any field and it all starts with the first step which of course must be taken by you!

Take the Chance

Well it all starts with taking that leap of faith! Simply stated if you are passionate enough about something even if you do lack confidence in your expertise in the area, use your passion as motivation to at least take the first step! Remember nothing ventured nothing gained and if you continue to remain content with being a spectator it will also keep you from being successful in many areas!

Learn From Your Mistakes

Good for you since you've taken that initial step now remember there will be plenty to learn and along the road mistakes will be made. It's how you react to errors and set-backs that will either make you more self confident or wish you had never taken the plunge! Errors are simply the only way you'll get better at anything since this is how you learn what not to do and why! The more you learn the more self confident you become and the greater your chances of being successful in that particular field or endeavor!

Experience Breeds Confidence

Now that you've hung in there and suffered some set-backs you've learned from you're beginning to realize you can succeed. In fact your efforts are becoming even more daring since your feeling more self confident and you're ready for the next challenge, bring it on! The experience you've gained has given you the confidence you need and formerly lacked and it was simply a matter of taking the first step to get involved! Now aren't you glad you did?

Learning how to gain confidence in any field with which you lack experience requires you taking a certain 'leap of faith' as discussed above! This initiates a process that will help you become more self confident in your own actions increasing your experience and also your chances of being successful! If you have a passion or need to enter into any field with which you're unfamiliar but lack confidence to do so, taking the first step can eliminate your doubts!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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