Germination is the process by which seeds develop into new plants. The process is marked as successful when there is a small white tendril appearance, which occurs after the seed splits. This white tendril forms the taproot of the germinating seedling. Do you want to know how to germinate cannabis seeds? Then read this article to become informed.

Conditions required for germinating cannabis seeds


Moisture keeps the seed moist but not soaking them. However, hard seeds can be soaked for up to 24-32 hours. While doing so, an individual should ensure the soaking will not go beyond the recommended hours.


This is meant to keep the seeds warm to provide them with the best conditions for growth. However, too hot conditions should be avoided as it can destroy enzymes necessary for cannabis seed germination. Notably, they can also germinate in cool temperatures, although it would take a longer period for them to sprout.


Oxygen is a crucial resource that is required to germinate the cannabis seed. This is coined to the fact that the air is needed for a germinating seed to producing energy. The energy is got here after an embryo breaks its food stores. Just like any other living organism, the energy is produced here in the form of anaerobic respiration.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

Many methods can be used to germinate cannabis seeds, such as the use of paper towels saturated in water, germinating in the starter cubes and plugs, among others. Paper towel is the simplest and most commonly used method in germinating cannabis. The resources needed when using this method are seeds, a paper towel, and two clean plates. Here are the steps to be followed.

Step 1

Take four paper towel sheets and soak them in distilled water. An individual should make sure the water is not running off during soaking.

Step 2

Place two of the paper towels on a plate, then place the seeds at least one inch apart from each other. Follow this by covering them with the remaining two water-soaked sheets towels.

Step 3

Create a dark, protected space by placing another plate and flip it over the seeds.

Step 4

Ensure the area they are kept is always warm, by ensuring the temperature in this area is between 70-900 F. you can now wait for the seeds to germinate while performing the management practices for seed germination. For instance, keeping the paper towels saturated to provide moisture for seed germination. It is important to keep in mind that some seeds may grow at a faster rate than others. Here, you will note the seed has germinated after it sprouts and the appearance of a single sprout from a given seed.

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