Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing platform (if you want to find out more It’s a social universe with thousands of users that have different things to share. One thing that you can get from this platform is motivation and inspiration. Life is not all about hard work. There are instances when you need some moments out of your tight schedule to reinvigorate yourself. You also need to remind yourself the reasons for working hard.
Motivational Instagram accounts are ideal for anybody that feels tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated some times. By following these accounts, you easily get your daily inspirational and motivational tips for personal, career, and business life. Here are accounts of some of the best instagrammers that inspire and motivate their followers by sharing their skills and experiences.
1. Stephmylife (@stephmylife)
Steph is an all-rounder that left a London airport in 2016 with her husband to travel the world. Since then, she has engaged in a never-ending adventure. She uses her Instagram account to share travel guides that include in-depth itineraries. She also shares how-to-guides for different countries. Steph also demonstrates amazing editing tutorials on Instagram Stories. She shows her followers different tricks that make creating professional, Instagram-worthy pictures possible. Her truly incredible photos inspire majority of her followers to travel more often.
2. The Every Girl (@theeverygirl_)
The Every Girl is the Instagram account to follow for virtually any kind of inspiration. This account features elaborate and motivational information on topics like finance, career, living, fashion, wellness, and travel. The images published by The Every Girl are simply gorgeous. What’s more, the account has a blog that features amazing articles too. Whether your goal is to learn how to set up an online portfolio or to get ideas for an indoor hobby, the Every Girl has something for you.
3. Elayna.Carausu (@elayna.carausu)
This Instagram account is owned and run by an Australian couple that lives an ultimate vagabond life. The couple is always circumnavigating the world in a sailboat. Initially, they didn’t know much about sailing. However, they have now traveled more than 70,000 nautical miles across different oceans. This couple has faced pirate scares, equipment failures, financial breakdowns, terrifying storms, and water shortages among other interesting mishaps. Nevertheless, they have never given up. Their resilience and stories inspire many Instagram users to explore different alternative living options.
4. Ben Kealy (@benkealy)
Bean is a renowned 21-year old film maker that embraces and lives life to the fullest. He has worked on different creative projects that have taken him to various parts of the world. Ben has also rubbed shoulders with famous YouTubers and athletes from different corners of the globe. He has also attended some of the craziest festivals. Recently, Ben documented his Europe trip during which he used a Red Bull as his bartering tool. In addition, Ben has a clothing line. What makes his Instagram account motivational is the fact that it’s difficult to predict what he will be up to next. He also knows how to take opportunities whenever they come his way.
5. Rob Lip Sett (@roblipsett)
Rob is a leading fitness and lifestyle influencer in Ireland. He is an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and an athlete. Unlike a vast majority of fitness personalities, Rob focuses on getting value for every aspect of life. He is not just focused on the physique aspect of fitness. In addition to providing valuable fitness and health information, Rob teaches his followers how to succeed in doing what they love. He also teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To this influencer, going to the gym does not form the most important part of his day. Most followers are motivated by his crazy travel adventures, contagious smile, and a positive life’s outlook.
6. Stephanie Joshi (@nuttyfoodiefitness)
Stephanie Joshi is also known as Nutty Foodie Fitness. She is hilariously genuine and silly. She uses her Instagram account to teach followers to eat more delicious foods without restriction by working hard in the gym. She also encourages and inspires her followers to chase their dreams and live life fully. Stephanie motivates Instagram users to become their most positive versions with informative stories and captions. She does all this while holding on to her 9 to 5 graphic designer’s job.
Getting inspiration from other people is a sure way to stay motivated and become a better version of you. Follow these accounts or some of them to easily get motivated with Instagram.

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