The most aggravating feeling in the world is the feeling of abandonment. You can talk all you want yet you will never get your point across and it will be hurtful for your pride to speak whenever you are feeling abandoned. You feel as if the world has ended and no matter who comes to help you, your pride will not allow you too.
But what causes that strange feeling of abandonment? Do the people around you affect you negatively enough so you would feel abandoned that way?
The negative feeling of abandonment doesn't necessarily come from the people around you. The outer influence should not affect you as much as the inner feeling would. The feeling comes when you are waiting for it. When you expect people around to reject you all the time, you allow the feeling to come to you naturally and it would not require much for you to get that feeling. For instance, one person telling you to wait a few moments because they are busy with something would give you the restless feeling or if your close friend told you that they have things to do today other than hanging out with you.

While there are many reasons that could have caused you to feel that way, all that matters is what you could do to avoid that feeling:
1- Understanding:
A lot of people feel that they are being rejected whenever someone says 'no' to something they say. The misunderstandings usually cause you to feel that you are not appreciated or loved enough.
If you give yourself a break and try to see where that person is coming from you will not feel abandoned at all. The feeling of rejection will not haunt you.
2- Patience:
If you could deal with things and people patiently, you will not feel that you are dealing with more than you could handle. If someone told you to do something which felt like you weren't able to do it, then you will rush into the thought of being neglected in a way or another; being forced to carry more than you could possibly handle.
However, if you allow yourself to be patient about it then you will definitely realize the reason why you were handed said task and perhaps you will even feel better when you realize that you are meant to take that task because you are trusted enough for it. Have patience and you will not regret it, you will not get upset from the smaller things easily.
3- Don't over-think:
Over-thinking is a killer. I have always known that if I think about the same situation for a long time I will always end up with negative feedback. Whenever you over-think the same situation, you allow yourself to think of the negative rather than the positive of whatever the situation is.
If you forget about it for a while then it will definitely come to you with the ultimate answer on its own and if it is necessary then you could think about it in a more positive way, not one to find out where the bad side of it is!

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