How to get rid of bees in a home should come into your mind when you feel that there are a bit too many of them hanging around inside your house. Bees are very beneficial if you have a garden in your house but we can never forget about the trademark bee stings. Bee stings not only hurt, but they also cause inflammation of the stung part. People with allergies can fall into shock and may even die if left unattended.

The key on how to eradicate bees in the correct way in your house is to find and dispose of the beehive. Beehives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you want to remove bees on your own then you have to be prepared. Your protection from bee stings should be your biggest concern. Try to make up the attire with no possible entry points for bees. Wear long-sleeved shirts to protect your arms. Wrap a scarf around your neck area to prevent bee sting in the neck area. Wear pants to avoid getting bitten in the legs. Wear boots or high cut shoes to prevent leg bites.

Tuck your pants inside your shoes to prevent bees from going up your pants and into places you wouldn’t want to get stung. Wear a hat fitted with a beekeeper’s net to avoid getting stung in the face by bees. Do not wear any perfume or cologne to avoid attracting any attention to you. The bees might try to land on you if they mistake you for a flower because of your scent. Locating a beehive can be hard as bees can actually make their hives anywhere your best bet would be to check places where you can find bees, it may sound funny but you may even have to follow a single bee to find where the hive is.

Once you find the hive prepares the insecticide, usually the brand Sevin is the most popular. You can use the insecticide at some time after dark since bees sleep at around the same time as humans do. It would be less of a problem for you if you apply insecticide when the bees are asleep so that a swarm won’t be there to welcome you. You may have to do this repeatedly. If the bees are in your walls you may have to drill a hole in your wall and pump the insecticide through that hole. After you feel that you can kill all the bees that you can carefully remove the beehive and put it in a sealed plastic bag.

Throw it away in your trash can and keep that trash can close tight. Clean the area where the beehive was located with some soap water. Plug up any holes that bees can use to come into your house and cover up any holes you may have used if the beehive was in your wall. Beehive removal is very dangerous but you can put yourself at very low risk if you prepare yourself properly. All you really have to do is to avoid getting stung. Just in case, be prepared by having an emergency kit easily accessible. If you don’t want to risk it you can always call a beehive removal Professional Pest Control Brisbane company. They are the experts on how to get rid of bees in your house so you can call on them just to be sure.

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