Although silverfish are not dangerous to humans, they can cause a lot of damage to precious paperwork such as old photos and books. Silverfish can lead to big issues.

Silverfish love to feed on binding glue from books as well as the starchiness of the old paper. If you are concerned about silverfish ruining your old books, art and more, there are a few steps to follow to rid your paperwork and books of these little insects.

Getting rid of silverfish:

Place any books or documents into plastic zip-lock freezer bags. Squeeze out any extra air and seal the bags properly.
Place the sealed zip-lock bags into a freezer. Leave your books or papers in the freezer for 3-7 days. The freezing temperatures will kill the silverfish bugs.

Take the books or papers out of the freezer and remove them from the zip-lock bags. You can either pick the silverfish bugs out page by page if the book is particularly delicate or hold the book by the binding and shake the silverfish out.

The next step:

Now that your books are free from silverfish, it’s important to make sure silverfish do not come into contact with your books and important documents again. The following tips will help to keep silverfish away from your paperwork and books:

Use a dehumidifier or fan to dry the storage area out. Consider heating lamps in particularly damp corners.

Be sure to dust and wash any bookshelves or storage units.
Silverfish are also attracted to dust.Consider storing your papers or books in airtight containers.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any leaks, cracks or clutters of paper in the room. Get rid of as much paper as you can to avoid attracting any silverfish bugs. You should seal your walls as best as possible to avoid any entrance for silverfish as well as possible nesting areas. Vacuum the room to get rid of any dust within the carpets. Consider silverfish traps, pesticides or home remedies for silverfish in the corners of the room. A clean, bright, dry area is no place for silverfish.

If these tips don’t work properly you can also hire a professional Brisbane pest control company.

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