Addiction is one of the greatest threats to the life of any human being, and tobacco addiction could be one of the worst kinds of addiction. Tobacco cigarettes are one of the most addictive substances to exist. They are easily available almost everywhere and are cheap, hence a large number of people are exposed to it.

Many people are exposed to cigarettes at a younger age, in high school or college, and that habit could stick with them forever. Getting addicted to tobacco is very easy but getting rid of the addiction could prove to be very tough. If you have finally decided to get rid of the addiction, we assure you that you will not regret this decision. We are here to help you through the process of getting rid of tobacco addiction.

•Set a Date

Start the process by probably the easiest task of picking a day to finally quit. It can be a random day or a special one like a Birthday or an Anniversary. Keep in mind that the day should not be too far away or you might end up changing your mind.

There are nicotine chewing gums or nicotine patches that help you through the nicotine cravings and are easily available at any medical store. Some people try vaping to help themselves through the Nicotine cravings, and they can be bought online on websites like blazedvapes.

Mark that date on your calendar and commit to it. Hype yourself up, be strong, because this decision will change your life for the good and you will always look back on this date and be glad that you finally quit.

•Plan Ahead

Quitting tobacco is easier said than done. You have to have a plan to make sure you do not relapse. Decide on whether you want to try Nicotine Replacement Therapy or if you want to use other medicines.

•Clean Up
The next part involves cleaning your house before that special day. Find each and every last box of cigarette in your house, every last loose cigarette lying around in your drawer or in your backpack and throw it into the trash can. Find the lighters and the ashtrays and get rid of them as well.

Find everything in your house that is related to tobacco and cigarettes and get rid of them. You need to have a positive environment around you if you want to succeed.

•Support Group

Give your friends the good news that you have finally decided on quitting. Not only will you get support, but you might also just end up inspiring someone else to quit and save another life. Having friends who are supportive of your decision can really help you get out of rough spots.

Friends can help you stay positive and make sure that you are not put into a bad spot where you get the craving of smoking again.

•Speak Up

Separate yourself from people who are smoking. You might think that you can stand having other people smoke around you, but it can get bad and before you know it, you have relapsed and have that burning stick of death between your fingers again.

Speak up and let people know that you are not comfortable with them smoking around you so that they can either stop smoking or choose a different spot to smoke. Make sure to be polite while you speak up, you don’t want to make people angry.

•Study Past Attempts

If this is not your first attempt at quitting, think back and revisit the previous attempts and figure out where it went wrong. This will help you figure out triggers that made you relapse and start taking tobacco again.
Try and nail down those triggers, so you can be extra strong when those situations occur again and make sure you do not relapse.

•Always Be Ready and Strong

The craving of tobacco can come anytime and you must be prepared. Make sure you have substitutes near you at all times. Try to take deep breaths, drink water and do some other activity to take your mind away from the feeling of using tobacco.
You can figure out some new activities to incorporate into your daily routine to replace the time when you would normally smoke.

It is not easy, and it will not happen suddenly, but day-by-day you will notice that a tobacco-free life is a much better life to live.

Author's Bio: 

An engineer who gave up smoking.