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Right now, I’m going to describe to you some most extremely advantageous tips for growth to become popular on TikTok If you understand it quite correctly. Moreover, If you’re struggling to increase your influence and audience in general or wrestles to become famous on TikTok so this article is going to give you a major opportunity to help kick start your success on the platform. 

First 5 videos to go viral on TikTok 

Whenever you pop up on TikTok in your life, the TAA [TikTok Account Authority] analyzes your account from the very first day. Never dare to make the first 5 videos of your account as a testing ground to create some content. The idea is to make those first 5 videos as your best representation by your original, remarkable, and unique content to go viral on TikTok. There are thousands of records of TikTok accounts are exploding just because of their initial 5 outstanding videos.


Never delete your videos on TikTok unless the video has 1% likes from your overall fanbase. Some other online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were the average lifecycle of exposure typically is very short like 24 hours until we don’t see that content in our feeds anymore but TikTok provides you a second chance to go viral on TikTok as a “setback key”. Needless to say that if your videos don’t receive many likes in the first 24 hours then later on it goes viral in the next 24 hours or in a week, so give it some time. If you are constantly deleting videos that didn’t perform well after a few hours or in a whole week then TikTok authority would 

access your profile to view your account as one that has a high-level rate of poor performing videos after constantly deleting them. So it seems harder to rank your profile to go viral on TikTok again on the 2nd tier or 3rd tier according to TAA.

Theme Uniformity of Profile 

It is the most important thing especially for a new user to choose the theme and style of your profile from day one to become famous on TikTok. For instance, You started an account that exclusively focused on posting memes so your account will become famous on TikTok faster than other profiles because you constantly stuck to your funny theme and didn’t switch the domain. You should be building a core fan base around the central theme or idea to directly produce the amazing content to become famous on TikTok.

4 Aces Of Tiers 

You can push your tier from bronze to ace by making creative content. Read this chart carefully; 

If your video received unexpectedly low views so you must be belonging to the first tier of the TikTok Algorithm. You really don’t get views more than 300 and you’re not reaching out to your expected audience. You need to wake up your cold followers by making your videos entertaining, unique, and full of creativity. The second tier makes your roots a bit stronger to wrestle with fan following and it is basically revealed that this tier allows you to touch an audience outside your fanbase The third tier is about when your video hits a larger audience of more than 1M views so your chances are much more increase to become popular on TikTok. The last ace tier mostly for famous personalities and popular superstars having millions of fan following. Your video gets millions of views in a couple of hours and officially goes viral on FOR YOU page including more than 1M views to make you become famous on TikTok.


Always stick to the idea of grooming your profile smartly with major differences to build a unique identity from your competitors. Make your initial videos so eye-catching and impeccable. Have some patience and ignore the thought of deleting videos to become famous on TikTok over the nights.

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I am James Levi, a reputed guest blogger, who has been in this profession for about 6 years now. I have been sharing my opinions and contributing to varied websites.