Jason Ng is the owner of Times Realty, a real estate firm in Vancouver that has been helping clients for years in the real estate industry. Whether clients happen to be looking to buy or sell a home, Jason Ng and his company lend their expertise and value to make any transaction a success. 


One of Ng’s mottos is to find the best deal possible for his clients, and it’s also to treat the client’s decision as if it was his own 


Jason Ng says he was able to break into the real estate sector because he had a head start from his parents, who moved to Canada in 1988 to start a new life for their family


Ng’s parents left due to an uncertain future in Hong Kong because of the communist regime coupled with memories of the cultural revolution. They saw more of a future and more opportunity in Canada, and they decided to take the plunge and move. 


Upon arrival in Canada, Ng’s parents wasted no time and immediately got started in real estate – a leap of faith that would establish their family in Vancouver, provide a sustainable and scalable income as well as a future for their family


“My father soon got his license in real estate in 1989 when he immigrated to Vancouver. Then, he got his brokerage license in 1991 and started his own brokerage called Daylight Realty. This real estate brokerage was managed by both of my parents,” recalls Ng fondly. 


Jason Ng’s mother worked primarily in PR for the business, helping attract and retain new clients. She helped establish the reputation of Daylight Realty, and it quickly began to grow due to teamwork within the family. 


While his parents were building Daylight Realty, Jason Ng was able to see a future for himself in the real estate industry as well. Ng says he realized from an early age that he enjoyed real estate, so he did his best to absorb as much information as he could. He accompanied his parents on showings and joined them when they met with new clients. 


“I started gaining valuable insight into the real estate sector and learned how to make customers happy,” says Jason Ng. 


This all happened at the perfect time because Vancouver has enjoyed a thriving real estate market ever since the Ng family decided to begin their real estate journey. The city boasts an ever-growing immigrant population. In 1990, Vancouver saw a massive influx of immigration from Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


Jason Ng says his cultural understanding of the two countries has helped him with business and with forming meaningful relationships. These commonalities have made it even easier for the Ng family to get established and grow their business with a consistent base of satisfied customers. 


For people who want to get started and break into the real estate sector, especially in a competitive marketplace, Jason Ng says it’s important to find the right people. Depending on your life experiences and cultural background, you may be able to find clients to cater to. 


Another piece of advice from Jason Ng is to treat your clients as you would treat yourself. Ng says he is careful to help clients make purchase decisions that suit them best. He examines every deal and transaction thoroughly and then puts himself in the client’s shoes. 


“Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions someone can make in their life, and it’s my job to make sure it’s worthwhile.” 


To learn more about Jason Ng, you can visit Jason Ng Times Realty or any of his other websites. 

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