In our greetings, we usually say "Have a good day". However, having a good day depends exclusively on you. A good day is created by each individual. To make your day a good one is your responsibility.

Every morning you have in front of you a number of hours and certain tasks to do. You will meet unexpected people and situations. You will not have control of everything that happens, but you will have to choose at each moment the way to live it.

To complement the tips I'll list below, you should also take your time to watch some good morning video. You can watch many of this on YouTube, Vimeo and others. If you feel the list is incomplete, you may add yours in the comment section.

So, what could we do each day to have a good day? Here are some suggestions:

1. In the morning, before any other activity, we can thank our Creator for the good things that we have. How about listing at least 20 reasons to thank Him for? When you get up in the morning, think about the great privilege of living, seeing, hearing, thinking, loving and having something we can hope for. Happiness is a big part of these small parts of our life; joy is simply the feeling of enjoying it.

2. Start by drinking a glass of water; it is the best way to recover energy.

3. Consciously choose to live in the present. Do not let your life go by without living it.

4. Do at least one activity that is perfectly oriented to the goals you have set for yourself (we should not allow ourselves to live without short and long term goals).

5. A good selfless action will help your personal development.

6. At least 10 minutes of reading enhances the spirit.

7. Choose foods and drinks that are the translation of how much you love yourself, how you value your health and respect your body.

8. Sincerely praise one of the people with whom you live daily.

9. Give at least three hugs to whomever will leave and say "I love you" to whoever you.

10. Do your work with the certainty that it is a blessing to have it: work is dignifying.

Remember that having nothing to do sadden you. These are just some recommendations so that at the end of your day you feel at peace, happy and satisfied. However you can do many more, so build a good day every day!

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