Giving is an expression of the heart

Giving yourself is an expression of the Soul

« Give plenty of
what you have:
the Universe will reward
you generously.

Joyfully give what
you are:
you will shine in all your
Divine Spark beauty.

Help in any way you can,
any way you know,
do it with your heart,
do it with your Soul:
your Angel will guide you. »

« Love, give, help,
you will obtain the highest achievement:
learning to welcome others
as Luminous Souls,
as precious gifts. »

« The highest point of helping,
and giving is to take care of
the plan of other Souls »

Giving, giving yourself, becoming a ‘Gift’

« When a child smiles at you,
and extends his hand
to give you a small stone,
or a shell,
taken from his ‘treasures’…
your heart is filled with joy,
and you feel infinite tenderness.

This happens,
not because of the value of that gift,
or its beauty
but for the intrinsic value and beauty
of that gesture,
the beauty of the one who gives,
the candour of his action
the Love he puts in it. »

« Are your hands full of gifts?
Or are they simply offering
whatever Life
gave you before?...
As for your gift,
is it carrying your Love?
Is it carrying the Love
of those who gave it to you before?

Turn your hands
into ‘messengers’
of a loving heart. »

« If you are not afraid of losing something,
the gifts you give
will bring you abundance.

If you are not afraid of thirst,
the water you give
will be poured into your well.

If you are not afraid of hunger,
the wheat grains you give
will refill your barn

If you are not afraid of welcoming in your home,
you will be welcomed in Heaven. »

« Keep your eyes away
from the things you give
and look up to the Sky:
you will find out that
your gifts have wings…

Give only for the pleasure of giving,
keep your eyes away
from the ones who receive your gifts,
and listen to your heart:
you will see it has wings…

Give to the ones who ask,
give to the ones who dare not ask,
give to the ones who don’t know how to ask,
give to the ones who don’t know they are in need,
give as a free being:
your Soul will open her wings… »

« One day you will have to leave
the things you have…

what you give now
one day will be returned to you… »

« Do not wait until tomorrow
if you can give today.
Maybe tomorrow you will not
be able to give…
Maybe those who are in need today,
will not be able to receive tomorrow…
And if tomorrow you will be able to give
what you did not give today
if your gifts will be taken
by those who did not receive them today,
you will have missed an opportunity:
those who will receive your gifts tomorrow,
will be different from the way they are today…
and you too… »

« Do not set any limits
when it is time to give:
there will be no limits
when it is time to receive. »

“… Any time you can, give just a little thing, something from your heart: such gifts are important.
The thoughts of love from your heart do elevate the vibrations of both the giver and the receiver.
This is a way to improve the Love flow, to feel in harmony with the Universe.
Any time you send a thought of Love, you can feel you are working with Me to expand Love, your heart is fulfilled with Love.
You know that all people need Love, you know that the whole world needs Love:
you are aware that your thoughts of Love are the greatest gift you can continuously give to the world, to everyone.
It is like a wave crossing Oceans and valleys, elevating hearts and Souls.
Let Love flow in all things around you:
Love will become tangible and you will be able to feel strong vibrations.”

“… If you will act as a source of Love, fulfilment and warmth, the ones who are with you and meet you, can receive all this.
Vibrations will be sent to their hearts: they will encourage people to continue walking along the path towards Light and Love.
If you choose to be a source of Love in the morning, your day will be off to a totally different start:
it is like initiating a magic of Love.
If this choice will remain in your heart and you will let your Love flow, all the Love We will bring to you will turn into food and water for your body as well as your heart.
And you will Love so much that this choice will become your constant thought and goal, every day.”

“… Every day look around you and see where and what you should give, look for someone you can warm up like a sun, someone you can give yourself to.
This is the main Way to express your Essence, the only Way to fulfil your heart.
And if you chose to live in Love, this is the only Way that will guide you.
Love the way you know, give anything you can.
Do this all the time, love everything and everybody.
Eventually you will forget about yourself and be able to give yourself totally:
there, you will find your real Self, you will discover who you are, your beauty, your greatness, your Divine Essence.
If you will melt with Love and forget all your needs and yourself, you will receive all the gifts that are already awaiting you, something you cannot even imagine now, and you will live in Love.
Nothing you will give will remain as such but will come back to you tenfold, though you do not know when and where.
This is why you must give with purity, without expectations, without plans or questions, but only with the certainty that everything will come back to you in a greater amount.
By giving uninterruptedly in any way you can, you will create the space enabling Us to present you with great gifts.
When you do not know how or what you should give, just think about the attention you would like to receive, the expressions that would make you happy.
If you feel sad, look around and ask yourself:
– Who should I give now? –
You will see there is always a hand ready to receive, someone awaiting Love, a Soul in search of Light.
And if you cannot see this, then water a flower, caress a tree, show your gratitude to the Universe:
in that moment your heart will sing with joy.
When you feel empty, look around and ask yourself:
– What should I give? –
You will find out how rich you are, you have so many gifts to offer.
Then open your heart and give your Love, your gratitude for all the treasures you have, give joy for the greatness you have.
Start giving with your hands, your heart, and you will fill in any empty space.
If your heart is cold, come closer to Me, you will feel how warm mine is.
Then, gently bring closer to you the ones who are near you, bring the Child in you even closer.
Hug anything you can, join your heart with tenderness, melt your Soul with sweetness.
You can do this also with the trees, the land and the sky, with all Creatures of the Universe:
your heart will be cold no more.”

“… Do not think about what you need to do to become a Gift, but be sure you are already a Gift.
Express your joy for being a Gift, your Love for choosing to be such.
You will perceive yourself as a Gift.
It is immensely beautiful to feel like a Gift in our own hands, a Gift ready to be given to many a heart.
Discover the beauty of working at the ‘Service of Light’, giving yourself to bring Light and Love.
Remember that to be at the ‘Service of Light’, actually means to serve the Souls you meet.
Sometimes this will require no words or actions but simply your expression, the expression of joy that lies within yourself because you are serving, the expression of Love that you receive because you are serving, the expression of peace that enters the heart when you are continuously working at the ‘Service of Light’.
Do not ever be afraid to change your plans: nothing and nobody will ever fulfil your heart as much as such awareness to be a Gift, to give yourself as a Gift, to work at the ‘Service of Light’.
And be sure that any time you will decide to do this, We will create conditions and opportunities for you to experience it.”

“... If your aim is to give, if you intend to give yourself, first of all feel free to choose whether you want to do it or not, because true Love, help and giving are such only if they are lived and experienced in free will.
This is the only way for joy to happen and you will be able to act effortlessly.
If giving requires to overcome some obstacles, then change your plans, overcome your desires, do it with joy, grateful for the opportunity to give and give yourself.
This way you will always give with joy and pleasure.
When you choose to give something or give yourself, this must not be a rational choice, or originate from the desire to satisfy your needs, but must be a spontaneous action, like a flower from your heart.
If you give with a heart full of joy, you will receive great pleasure; if you give with Love, your heart will be rewarded with the same Love.
By giving, you will receive.
By helping, you will make things come true.
By giving yourself, you will become aware of yourself.
It is not easy to understand all this now, but when you will give and give yourself you will definitely realise it, because:

giving is an expression of the heart,
giving yourself is an expression of the Soul.

When you give, you feel something inside.
While you give yourself, you feel you are on the right Path to discover your true Self and its treasures.”

“… If you feel the need to give yourself to Light, you must know that you will only be able to comprehend the full meaning and extent of this choice at a later stage.
This is such a high concept that it is difficult to comprehend and feel it in its entirety.
When you give yourself, you must give your Essence, your heart, your body, so they can follow the Soul.
This means that sometimes your heart and body will be free to fly with your Soul, anywhere the Light calls them.
They cannot be burdened by anything, nor bothered by anybody.
You can follow your plans but be ready to change them as well according to what the Light requires from you.
You can create whatever you like with your imagination, but always make sure that you allow the Light its space to create, allowing Us the space to create.
You understand well that a gift, for being such, must be free, otherwise it is not a gift anymore.
The choice of giving yourself comprises the Essence of the Path you are taking.
It means to give all of yourself and your freedom.
When you give something, you lose possession of it, and you cannot use it as you please anymore.
This is why this choice will never be demanded by the Light, by Love, by your Soul, it must be a decision that your whole Being is craving for.
Anyone should feel the call, be aware, be ready.
Gift is gift and the ones who receive them must do so unconditionally.
If you decide to give yourself, you must fulfil this commitment at any moment, in any situation, in all your expressions, making it part of your whole life.
This will allow Me to hold you into My hands, so that you will shine, so that you may perceive yourself as a Gift.
When giving your Essence: the latter will shine in all its beauty and brightness.
While giving everything: you will feel that you are about to receive everything, beyond your imagination.
By giving your freedom: you will live in freedom.
By giving your time: you will enrich every little instant of your life.
By giving your heart: you will feel totally satisfied.
By giving your body: you will become a precious vase of the Light, overflowing with Love.
And I want to remind you once again that this is a free choice, you can do it, live it or withdraw from it.
Only when you feel free to change it, you will be happy to continue give and give yourself.
The only gift you will be free to get back is You…”


Sometimes I am in doubt if I am actually living my choice to be a Gift and give myself.


“In those moments, smile and live this choice intensely.
Be vigil and attentive, ask yourself if you are expressing your Essence in any moment, see whether you can act at the service of Light, to give Light.
Then let yourself go, abandon yourself into My arms, feel yourself in My hands, be aware that the Light will shine through your eyes, your words, your face, your hands, your smile.
In the morning, look up to the Sky and the Great Light and say:
– I am giving myself to You so that You can act in the world through me. –
Then, imagine to climb into My arms, feel My hands while they welcome you as a precious Gift to be given to the Souls chosen by the Light according to its will.
Remember this during the day.
Be careful of the way you look at the ones you meet, and smile.
Watch the words you use, your actions.
See if you are allowing everything, whether you are taking every opportunity to expand the Light, to give Light .
In the evening, take a moment of silence and ask Me to help you remember what you did during the day, whether you acted correctly or not.
If your heart whispers a ‘yes’, then you can be happy and fall asleep.
If you feel like you have missed something, maybe because you were distracted, see this as a lesson, a teaching for the following day, and, likewise, be happy and fall asleep into My arms.”

“… You will experience the choice of giving yourself by living it day after day, time after time.
You will love it, if you act being happy of working with Me, the Light, in anything you do, feeling the greatness of being a Gift of Love, a Gift of Light.
Be aware that this will bring changes to your normal life, and yet you will be able to live it even more intensely.
You will feel different, not ready to make your dreams or wishes come true, but to fulfil the biggest plan: that of the Soul;
to make way for the most beautiful plan: the plan of the Light.
It is a fundamental and sacred decision, but you must live it with infinite simplicity and in total happiness.
This will make it easy to live it fully, intensely, without interruptions.
Make it new everyday, bear it always in mind.
You will see that several things will lose their importance, your everyday life will be different, unimaginable things will happen around you, inside you.
When you live for the Soul, your life is different, it turns into an adventure that can only be known in the very moment you experience it, a magic that infuses everything and every single moment.”


If you perceive yourself as a Gift, everything you are and everything you have may become a gift.
If your desire is to always give, then everything could be a means to give.
A long time ago messengers used to ride horses…
then couriers and mail came…
Now we have e-mail, fax, telephones, etc.
These too can be instruments to give and express Love.
Think how beautiful it could be to use them just to say a few simple words, like:

– I love you –
– I am thinking of you… –
– May I help you? –
– You are important to me… –
– Besides my Love, may I give you anything else? –

Nothing else needs be added but your heart.
Accompany these words with all the joy and Love.

Maybe one day you will be able to see what now you can only imagine and believe:
to give, ‘use’ the ‘Waves of Light’, the ‘Wings of Love’.

And if, before you go to sleep, you will ask your Angel to help you always be a ‘Gift’, your Soul and your Essence will fly out in the Universe to give more, while you are asleep…
Your Angel will take you to unknown places, where you will have plenty of opportunities to help…
He will arrange meetings with unknown Souls, so that you can give yourself to them…
They will think they have dreamt of you, you will also believe that the whole thing was just a dream…
Your Soul and your Angel, smiling at you… will have you believe that everything was part of a dream…!

The joy of giving

« By giving, you can experience joy.

By helping, you can feel happiness.

By loving, you can experience fulfilment.

By giving yourself, you can feel ecstasy.

Give, help, love, give yourself:
your heart will joyfully sing,
your Soul will happily fly,
you will live peacefully,
you will experience the ecstasy
of riding the wave of Love,
which will lead you to the Highest Peaks. »

« Be happy of your uniqueness:
you are unique and unforgettable,
you are unique and irreplaceable.

The place you have in the Universe
can only be occupied by you.

No one can replace you
in your Soul’s plan.

No one can replace you
in the Cosmic plan.

No one can do
what is part
of your plan.

No one can give
what you are able to give.

No one can love
the way you chose to love,
the ones you chose to love. »

« You are part of
a ‘Divine Mosaic’.
Be happy to be one of its ‘Precious Pieces’:
the whole thing is not complete without you.

You are part of
a ‘Celestial Tapestry’.
Be proud to be one of its ‘Luminous Threads’:
the plan cannot be perfect without you. »

« In the Sky,
the Souls plan
their meetings…

On Earth,
take place:

do not be late…
do not take a different Path… »

« In the Sky,
the Souls agree
to help each other,
love each other,
give to each other.
On Earth,
the Souls
make this plan
come true:
what if you are not there?... »
« The trains of the Souls,
travel in the Universe:
some of them only pass once…
some of them come back many times…
some others only come back once…

What if you cannot reach the station?
What if you do not show up at that stop?... »

This is why:

« True happiness
is to wake up in the morning,
and feel that you have a mission:

a mission in the world,
that nobody else can accomplish;

an appointment
so important
that you cannot be late;

an agreement
so pleasant,
that you cannot miss;

a wonderful train
to catch »


« Feel the joy of your Soul:
she is happy to run towards
the Souls waiting for her.

feel the joy in your heart:
it is ready to happily welcome
the Souls who are looking for it. »

« If you look at a flower, a tree,
you can see that they are happy
to give themselves…
while they simile at the sun,
and reach up to the sky. »

« If you listen to
the water running,
the fire crackling,
the wind blowing,
the birds singing,
you will hear that they are all
singing the same song:
the joy of living
of giving themselves. »
« A perennial
hymn of joy
resonates in the Universe:
there is always someone who loves
gives, helps, gives himself in the Universe. »

« At any moment,
you can join
the joy of Nature,
the happiness of the Universe,
by loving, giving, helping, giving yourself. »

« Dance, sing, express your joy,
because today too
you can do the most important things:
loving, giving, helping, giving yourself.»

Go and be happy in the world,
because today you can
bring the most awaited thing:
kindness. »

« You can be kind
to a flower: by watering it…
to a tree: by caressing it…
to a dog: by talking to him as a friend…
to a bird: by greeting him…
to those you know: by expressing your Love…
to those you do not know: by smiling at them…
to a sad heart: by showing joy…
to a ‘poor’ heart: by hugging it…
to Nature: by immersing into it…
to the Universe: by singing…
to your inner Child: by acknowledging and loving her…
to your Angel: by thanking him…
to the Great Light: by doing all this… »

“… Love and you will be surrounded by Love.
Help and you will be wrapped in Light.
Give and you will receive great gifts.
Give yourself and you will be rewarded with deep pleasures and intense emotions.
Raise your love vibrations and I shall vibrate inside you.
Your heart will experience unimaginable vibrations of joy when you will see the Light in the people you help open their hearts to the Great Light, to Us.
You will experience sweet emotions when you will testify their changes.
Give with joy, give yourself with happiness, appear as a Divine Spark: this will make you cheer with joy.”

“… Rejoice and feel rich, because you are donating treasures with a heart filled with joy: new treasures will come every day, you will feel new pleasures.
Imagine an old chest, think of it open so that it cannot be closed anymore, imagine your hands reaching inside this chest to pick anything your heart wants to give.
Then imagine other Luminous Hands continuously filling this chest with new pearls and treasures: those are Our hands.
Smile at this picture: actually it is real.
Be proud of yourself as you chose to give yourself and all your treasures with Love.
By giving more and more, by being more aware of your treasures, by giving with awareness and discernment, your greatness will grow bigger, like a Child. Children are able to give and ask with simplicity, that is where their greatness lies.
Do not look whether those receiving your treasures adorn themselves with them or conceal them.
What matters is that you are able to give, so that I can give even more to you.
What matters is that you can elevate your Soul so high: so I will be able to take her higher and higher.
When you give with Love, heart and Soul are free.
This creates a wave that elevates the Soul.
Presenting objects with simplicity does not mean that you have learnt how to give: true gifts are expressions of the heart indeed, they can only happen when you act with Love.
You are the greatest gift, when you are able to donate your Essence, your Scent.
Of course, tangible gifts may express Love too, and the ones who receive them may feel if they come from the heart or not, if behind those gifts there is a Soul who knows how to give.
And while you are giving yourself to the Light, I will be able to donate you more and more Light, to take your Soul higher and higher.
And when you give yourself to a heart, or offer your treasures, you can feel that actually you are giving to the Light.
If you want your chest to be filled with new pearls, you must donate the ones it already contains…
And this is true for everything: small and big things, invisible and visible things, expressions of the heart.
Feel immensely loved, and express your Love.
Feel how rich you are and share the joy of giving.
Give yourself to the Light, and show your feelings when you do this.”

The ‘privilege’ of being able
to help and give

« When you give something,
you create space for
new gifts to be given to you.

When you lose something
because you give it to others,
the Universe
will be generous with you.

When you think of giving,
your heart starts

When your gifts make
someone happy,
your heart is filled with joy. »

« When you love,
you are calling Love
upon you.

When you shed your Light
upon others,
you are enlightening
your Soul too.

When you bring Light
to the world,
the Light surrounds you.

When you ‘accompany’ someone,
you reach
your destination. »

« When you give smile,
your faces is enlightened.

When you give joy,
you infuse your whole Being
with joyful vibrations.

When you give Love,
your heart blooms.

When you donate the expressions
of Love,
your heart is filled with
tenderness and sweetness.

When you play with somebody,
when you sing with somebody,
when you dance with somebody,
you are unleashing
your inner Child. »

« Every help you give,
is an instrument
to elevate your Soul.

Every gift you give,
is a gem
to decorate your Soul.

Any moment spent to
love, give, help
is an opportunity for
your Soul to grow. »

« By loving,
you discover new ways of loving,
your rediscover true Love.

By giving,
you learn what needs
to be wrapped around your gifts,
how to complement them.

By helping,
you raise your awareness,
you understand the impossibility
of getting to know others…

By giving yourself,
you express your Essence,
you become a ‘Gift’
of Light. »

« Love, give, help,
with all the Love
you have in your heart,
with all the wisdom
you are capable of;

give the best of you,
the best you have:

happiness, peace and serenity
will reside in your heart.
They are growing inside
when you do your best.

So, you will feel the desire
to give even more.

In your heart you will find
new gifts to offer.

You will hear your Soul whispering to you:
there is another,
nicer way
of loving, giving, helping.

You will grow enthusiast
to discover it…
happy to learn it…

You will see there is only one Way
to reach it,
one way
to know it:

to continue
loving, helping, giving… »

This is why, actually,

« When you love, give, help,
it is not just gifts you give
or a service you provide
but, mostly,
a ‘privilege’ you have. »

So, be happy and smile, and

« Love, with the joy
of learning
the ‘art of loving’.

Give with the simplicity
of the ones who learn
the ‘art of giving’.

Help with the humbleness
of those learning
the ‘art of helping’. »

« Be grateful to the ones
who receive your Love
who get your gifts
who accept your help:

a Luminous Soul
is the one who is allowing
your heart to be trained
your Soul to learn,
your Essence to shine. »

« Ask your Angel
to help you gain:

the courage to erase
what you already know about the world
in order to make room
for the wisdom of the Soul;

the strength to train
in any gym,
on all tracks;

the attention not
to miss even
one single class;

the steadiness
to act like this
in both small and big circumstances ,
in any situation;

the memory…
to always keep in mind that:
those who receive from you
are gifts for you,
instruments of growth for your Soul;

the humbleness, to
always say:

– Now I am learning
the art of loving,
the art of giving,
the art of helping – »

« Be grateful for having
a ‘Special school’ where to learn:
it is called Life;

many ‘Special Instruments’ to train yourself:
the Souls you meet;

a ‘Special Friend’
who will always be beside you,
helping, supporting and walking with you:
your Angel;
a ‘Special House’ where you can regenerate yourself: Nature;

a ‘Special Shelter’:
your Angel’s arms;

a ‘Special Nourishment’:
your Angel’s Love;

a ‘Special Protection’:
the Great Light. »

« Be happy to
have the ‘privilege’
of loving, giving, helping.

Be happy for being
a Luminous Soul
able to do that.

Sing peacefully:
by loving, giving, helping,
you will learn
the ‘art of living’ »

“… Feel the magnificence of being able to work with Us, bringing the Sky to Earth, and elevate the Earth to the Sky.

Let your Soul free to accomplish that:
and your heart will experience an immense joy,
an unimaginable fulfilment.

While smiling, look up to the Sky:
others will imitate you.

Discard whatever prevents your feet from raising from
the ground:
you will help others to elevate themselves.

Shed plenty of Light on your Path:
you will enlighten the footsteps of those accompanying you,
those who are following you.

Allow the Sky to protect you:
you will know how to protect those on Earth.

Support those who walk on Earth,
help them keep their feet firm onto the ground:
so you will be able to point the Sky out to them;
just like trees
aim to reach the Sky,
while keeping their roots underground.

Mark your footsteps, so that those who decide to
come with you will be able to follow them,
and reach your highest Peak:
you will help everybody to reach their Peaks too.
Share the joy of conquering a High Peak:
they will feel the same enthusiasm of conquering High Peaks.

Be an empty channel:
Let the Light of the Sky
descend upon Earth,
heal bodies,
awaken Souls.

Ask Me for the Love of the Sky:
you will be able to give it on Earth,
to all the Souls you meet.

Be one with the Earth,
let your Soul free to melt with the Light of the Sky:
you will feel the Universe within yourself,
other Souls will feel part of the Universe too.

Love Earth,
Live it as a garden,
where you chose to bloom:
you will help other Souls to live their Essence of Flowers,
and radiate their scent.

Love the Sky, reach for the Sky
see it as your true home:
the Souls you will meet,
will remember that was the starting point,
and there they shall return.

Give yourself as a Daughter of the Earth,
as a fruit of its trees.
Give yourself as a Daughter of the Light,
a Gift from the Sky.

Be happy for all you have on Earth:
express gratitude to the Sky, which gave it to you.

Be happy to walk on Earth,
to be able to learn throughout this journey:
you are elevating your Soul to the Sky.

Send the warmth of the Love of Earth,
the nourishment of the Love of Sky.

Give the support of Earth,
the protection of the Sky:
you can bring the Sky on Earth,
by giving its Light, giving its Love.
The Earth shall be fed, it shall transform,
evolve, elevate…

This is how you can help the Souls you meet,
likewise, other Souls,
will help elevate Earth towards the Sky.

This is how you can work with Us,
while we wrap the Earth in Light,
elevating it to the Sky.

Love others as we love you:
give to others what we give to you:
help others by loving and giving:
you will help us to spread Love,
encourage the eyes to look at the Light.”

“… During your journey on Earth, you are shutting some ‘Past Lives’ and preparing for the New, you are becoming more aware and your Soul is evolving too.
Feel any person you meet as a Soul who shall work with Us, to allow you all this.
While you walk in the world, see yourself as a Soul who works with us to accomplish the plan of the Souls you meet.
Be happy to be able to love, give, help.
Then, you can approach any heart and say:
– Give me the chance to train myself to love, by loving you; to train myself to give, by giving to you; to train myself to help, by helping you now, the way I know now. –
So, you will learn a new way of loving, giving, helping.
Feel like a child, love, give and help with the simplicity and spontaneity of children.
When you do this, you can approach that heart again and say with Love:
– I am grateful to you, because you gave me the opportunity to train myself, to learn and grow. –
Sometimes you feel that all this will heal your heart as well, transforming your life: this is one more reason to be happy when you have the chance to love, give and help, and show gratitude to those who receive from you.
If someone creates problems, perhaps they see you as such, but actually they are just aids to grow and evolve.
If someone does not show gratitude to you, is not grateful for what you gave, refuses your Love, or does not appreciate your help, be even more grateful to them: they are helping you to love, give and help unconditionally, with all the detachment and compassion you need.”

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: 'Helping with Light and Love'

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.