How to help and give - 2nd part


‘The wisdoms of the Soul
are the greatest gifts
for heart, body and Soul’


Usually we present gifts to express Love or other feelings or emotions that lie in our heart, to those who will receive them.
This is why, if possible, we want know their desires and tastes.

We give the expression of Love trying to understand what the others might need and the form in which they might like to receive it.

In these cases, we are entirely focused on others, their desires and needs.

This is true even when we give help, advices, information.
Even more importantly, we must act like this when we give the wisdom of the Soul.

You need to be careful when you speak and when you act, always keeping in mind the following precautions.

First of all, we must be very careful not to interfere in other people’s lives.

True help can only be given when someone in need asks for it.
Then, they will decide what is good for them.

We must give absolute freedom of choice to the Souls, even when they do not make the right decisions.
We joyfully donate our presence and our Love: these will be the most precious aids in that moment.

An answer we provide is never as valuable as something you get to know and experiment yourself.

Words and aids are understood according to the evolution and Beliefs of people.

Words and aids are accepted according to the choice to grow, the willingness to do anything required by growth.

There is always an appropriate moment for anything.

Gifts are precious not because of their intrinsic value, but according to the needs of those who receive them.
If we give a diamond to someone who is thirsty or starving, we will not help them…
Water and bread are more precious in that circumstance…

We share our Belief with the simplicity of Children, the humbleness of the Sage, without offering it.

We bring our Truth and give people the opportunity to appreciate the search for their Truth.

We do not impose acceptance, but let our seeds grow in the hearts of those who are ready to hold them.

We do not push Love and its expressions, but awaken the desire of loving and being loved.

We can talk about the Sky, if we are aware of what Earth needs…

We try to speak in the language known to those who are listening.

We can show our Divine Essence, if we dare to share our humanity…

We can give and help much more as Travellers of the Earth, than Sages of the Sky…

Wisdoms often are not enough:
what we need is silence…

“… A great deal of balance is needed to donate the Light, to give, to give yourself.
Do not accept any compromise, but speak in the language known to the ones you meet, so that they will understand you.
When you express what you think it is right, then be careful to confirm your words at any time.
If you are in the company of fishermen, speak their language, and give importance to their boats, fishing nets, their catch, their hopes: they will feel you closer to them, even if you are not a fisherman.
The only way to get closer to their heart indeed is to give importance to what they consider important.
So, when the moment will come, you will be able to offer a different kind of food than what they have, they will understand that they are going to be fed anyway, even if they did not catch all the fish they wanted; so, they will comprehend that food may come not just from the sea or boats, but other sources too.
They will be willing to try different food, even when they have their own fish, maybe they will leave their boats for a while and get to know other ways.
If you go somewhere else, where there is no sea, you need to speak another language and give importance to that context, to what the locals consider important, their activities, their desires.
This in order to get close to them, so that they can open their heart to you.
Now you realise that a great balance is needed here, even when you act.
And I will say it again: do not accept compromises, this is not about changes, it is about living compassionately.
This is the only way for those fishermen to possibly aim for the high mountains one day, the High Peaks, leaving their beloved sea behind.
But if you approach and invite them to look at those Peaks and long for them now, they will not understand you or they will feel too distant, too different.
Your modelling will be the most important teaching, the expression of your Essence will be the greatest confirmation.
Approach all hearts with humbleness and total compassion.
You will see that you will remain your truly self, able to express your Essence, show your Belief, give the things you know.”


I feel that Your words are not always clear to me, and someone else may interpret them in a different way.


“Our words bear several meanings that can be progressively understood as you evolve and grow.
We all have our experiences, or are living in a particular situation, or carry the content of Previous Lives with us, or we can be affected by something that prevents us from understanding. Someone else may live different situations, or experience a moment of evolution, which facilitates the understanding of the meaning behind Our words.
People are often afraid to comprehend some of the meanings, because they think they will need to change or act in a different way.
For all these reasons, be happy when you have the opportunity to spend time with someone: there are always chances for big achievements, new learning, rapid transformations.
Relate with anyone with Love and gratitude.
Any time you give, love, help, you can say:
– I am grateful to you because you are giving me the opportunity to grow, to raise my awareness, to elevate my Soul.–
Do not be afraid to share your feelings, your comprehension.
Ask the ones beside you if they want you to share all this, and do not let anything scare your heart away.
If others have different visions, be grateful to them and smile.
Then, in silence, listen to your heart, listen to your Soul.
Ask yourself if there is something that may obstruct your vision, or fears that may limit your comprehension.
Ask Me to help you in this, and be calm, so you will get the right understanding for the moment you are living.”

Perceiving the needs

Conversation between two hearts

« I am sad:
I know you can help me,
but I cannot tell you
what I am scared of… »

« Do not worry,
I do not need your words.
If we are together
your heart will tell me everything. »

« I feel unhappy:
my doors
are so shut,
that you cannot see
what is inside me… »
« Never mind,
I know a fun game:
I close my eyes and imagine
that I am entering into you,
wearing your clothes,
living where you live,
doing the things you do.
This way for me it is easier,
to understand your needs,
and your feelings. »

« I am in pain:
I’ve just found out that…
now I am afraid to
let you in… »

« Do not worry,
I am just going to sit here,
outside your door:
I will only come in
if you invite me. »

« What if I will still be

«From here…
I will send you all my Love:
it comes in
even when the door is shut… »

« What if I
will not let you in later?»

«I will smile at you…
and call upon the Sky
to surround you
with its luminous rays. »

« What if
I will call you then?»

«I will run to you,
I will be happy because
I could wait… »


« If you wish to
love intensely,
your heart
will penetrate
everybody’s heart,
and fill them with Love. »

« If you wish to
give intensely,
close your eyes:
you will figure out the gifts
you should give. »

« If you wish to,
help intensely
be silent:
your Soul
can speak the language
of all Souls. »

« If you really
choose to give yourself,
walk in the feet
of the ones you meet:
you will discover their needs. »

« Give your mind
a good rest…
let your heart
approach the heart
of those you meet…

… and follow your Soul:
look through her eyes,
listen through her Love,
use her Wisdom to help. »

« Smile at your Angel,
shake His hand,
ask him to whisper to you
the things you did not understand,
to confirm
the needs you felt. »

How to listen and answer

When you listen:

« Be fully aware:
you are receiving
a ‘secret’ from a Soul. »

« Be there:
let her know
that the only thing you
are focused on in that moment,
is what that Soul is telling you. »

« Smile at her:
let her know,
that she is the
most important person for you
in that moment. »

« Look through her eyes:
assure her,
that in that moment,
the thing you care the most
is to share with her »

« Touch her hand:
make her feel safe »

« Caress her:
make her feel your love,
beyond anything. »

« Open your Child heart:
see her as a child,
love her as a child. »

« Perceive her as a Soul:
welcome her as a Soul. »

« You do not know
why you are there…
Be happy:
it is a meeting between two Souls,
exchanging presents. »

« Keep your mind away:
what your mind knows
might limit you… »
« Open your heart:
welcome everything and everyone
with Love and Light. »

« Be fully aware and breathe:
rediscover your ‘core’. »

« Connect to the Sky:
rise from Earth. »

« Let Love and Light
into you. »

« Call upon your Angel:
ask for His help,
to understand the words… »

« Listen to:
the emotions of your heart,
the sensations of your body,
the vibrations you get. »

« Listen to your Soul:
she knows
the ancient wisdom. »

« This way, besides
words and
body expressions
you will feel… »

« If you perceive something
that was not expressed:
learn with compassion,
help the expressions with Love,
wait respectfully,
allow total freedom,
including the liberty of being silent … »

« Emotions might block,
fear might halt,
needs might distort,
desires might expand things. »

« Your sense of guilt might conceal things,
what you know might change reality,
your mind could interpret,
habits could be limits. »

« Perhaps,
there is a precedent concealed,
a purpose planned,
an unspoken aim. »


« The words we say,
not always mean what
we express. »
« What we express,
may not be
the real thing. »

« A fact explained,
sometimes may not match
what actually happened. »

« Maybe you see
things in other people:
things you want,
things you refuse,
a part of yourself… »

« Maybe you cannot hear,
what is not spoken…
or you distort
what has been said…
you do not listen
to what you don’t want to hear… »


« Unless you are a witness,
you do not know the truth. »

« If you witness it,
you can interpret the reality. »

« And even if you could share
the deepest end of your heart,
your intimate sphere
still may not emerge… »


« If you perceived
something beyond words,
that might not be
absolutely true,
totally real. »

« If you realise
that the truth, reality,
was hidden from you:
smile compassionately. »

« If you perceive
that there is a
non-luminous intent,
detach yourself freely,
protect yourself with prudence.

It could be:
a test to take,
a game to win,
an obstacle to overcome,
a training session,
a risk to depart from. »

Smile anyway:

« It is a heart to be understood,
a child to love,
a Soul to help. »

« It is a means for your training,
a lesson to be learned,
an opportunity for growth,
a possibility to welcome,
a gift for your Soul. »


« Listen with Love,
welcome with compassion,
observe without interpreting,
accept without judging. »

« Whatever can
influence truth,
interfere with life,
of those who speak,
may affect
your ability to listen,
may affect
your ability to understand,
and perceive. »

« Each and everyone is free and
responsible for what they say,
for the way they talk.
Each and everyone is free and
responsible of what they listen to,
how they listen. »

This is how:

« You will know how to listen to the Souls:
understand their words,
love them beyond their expressions,
help them beyond their troubles. »

When answering:

« Be in deep harmony
with those who speak to you.
Be totally connected
with the Sky. »

« Breath Love and Light
in and out:
Stick to your core. »

« Make sure that your mind
is still far…
that no needs or
desires are interfering… »

« Observe if you are detached,
if you are only filled with
a desire to love, to help.
And you can ask yourself:
– Am I holding a light and free heart?
Are my wings free? – »

« Ask your Angel
to whisper to you
what a given Soul needs,
in that moment. »

« Go beyond your heart:
listen to your Soul,
express yourself as a Soul. »

« Express yourself with the simplicity
of children, and ask yourself:
– Would a child express himself like this? – »

« Express yourself with the clarity
of a Master of Light, and ask yourself:
– Would a Master of Light,
express himself like this? – »

« Express yourself
through a few words, and ask yourself:
– Would a Sage express himself like this? – »

« Express yourself with sweetness,
care, compassion, and ask yourself:
– Would an Angel express himself like this? –»

« If you can, look into the eyes,
keep contact
with her body,
caress her,
delicately put your arm
around her shoulders. »
« Before ending the meeting:
reassure her with faith,
motivate her with security,
express your Love to her,
give her a tender hug,
assert your friendship to her. »

« Be grateful to the Soul
who gave you her ‘secret’,
who gave you
the opportunity to learn
‘the art of listening, the art of helping’. »

« Walk away with a big smile,
with a light heart,
let your wings be free… »

« Protect the ‘secret’ of that Soul:
give it to your Angel. »

« Keep listening:
your Soul
will help you understand;
your Angel
will suggest if and when,
you can help that Soul again,
by giving her a new gift. »

« Ask your Angel
About the Souls who
shared with you their ‘secrets’,
Ask Him to take their hands,
help them, whisper to their heart,
whatever they need. »

Be careful:

« Give your truth,
but do not inculcate anything,
not even the truth
that you know is real. »

« For any reason, do not force
the doors that you perceive shut:
you can still continue your dialogue,
through your gentle eyes,
your tender presence,
by radiating a warm silence. »

« Do not contest opinions,
just hold
your truth.
Do not discuss things you disagree with,
just share your experience with love. »

« Do not be influenced
by anything,
by what has been said,
by what has not been said,
by tears… »

Keep in mind:

« If someone asks you
for a suggestion
on a relationship, in a relationship,
you will not be able
to express your real opinion,
unless you listen
to all the interested parties… »

« Everyone has their own history,
everyone has their own visions,
everyone has their own expressions.
The present
could be the result of the past… »

« Do not think about the absentees…
the way they were described by those who are present… »

« All that is
thought, said,
assumed, planned,
shall influence people,
shall intensify what you perceived,
shall shape the future… »


« Welcome anything
a heart bears.
Help others free
themselves from all things
created by their mind. »

« Lead the way towards
compassion, forgiveness.
Do anything you can,
to make room for
peace of heart,
calmness, harmony. »

« Protect those who talk to you
and remind them
that words can create so much… »

« Protect the Souls
you receive information about,
do not judge. »

« Protect yourself,
watch your thoughts,
be responsible of any word you say. »


O Beloved Luminous Soul,
these are just some small ‘Seeds’ from the big ‘ears of wheat’ donated by the Angels, on how to behave while talking to others, though now I cannot further elaborate on this topic.
Based on my experience, I know that any ‘summarisation’ may create fears, make people think that they are unfit for the task, give the sensation of not understanding the whole thing.
Remain calm, the desire of giving pure Love, Light, help, will allow our Soul to freely guide you step by step.
Let’s keep our hearts open with faith, to welcome suggestions from our Angels any time.
Now let’s keep our hands delicately open, to receive more of these small ‘Seeds’.

Author: Satya

Extract from the book:
'Helping with Light and Love'

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.