In many corporate settings, the personality tests are used as part of the recruitment assessments for candidates who wish to be employed. These tests evaluate the candidates’ behavior and attitudes with the aim of finding the right match for the job.

The process of conducting personality tests has changed over time. These tests assess the candidates’ capabilities to contribute valuably when employed as well as evaluating the long-term advantages of hiring the candidates. In essence, the candidate must be suitable as a team member who can blend into the company’s environment and accept the culture. The following ideas can help you incorporate personality tests to improve the hiring process in your company.

Only trained staffs should handle recruitment

Jessica Ingle, a recruitment specialist, warns that the first thing to do is assigning only competent and trained HR staff to handle recruitment. Placing the board of executives in charge or recruitment can cause problems in the future when they recruit the wrong candidates. This mistake is due to their inability to match the candidates with the personality type most suitable for the job.

Hiring based on personality type

Sentiments should not be involved during the recruitment process. There have been cases where the people in charge of recruitment hire candidates because they seem to have similar personalities. They believe if their personality has worked for them in the company the candidates with similar traits stand a good chance of becoming successful. However, this is a wrong approach from a professional perspective. Only the job description should be matched with the candidate's personality in view of identifying their capability to ‘add value’ if they are employed.

Increasing potential ROI

Personality tests can be used to identify candidates for the vacant positions who can withstand the pressure of the job while striving to play their role in achieving the collective goals of the company. Different types of businesses have adopted the use of personality tests because the employees’ attitudes towards customers can promote or hinder business growth.

Many years ago these tests were regarded as too rigid without consideration for important values such as diversity in the workplace and the individual personalities. However, the increasing use of personality tests during recruitments has helped to bring a balance among the various areas that hindered HR teams to identify and recruit the best talents for the job.

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