Having a good imagination is vital to making progress. Without a view of what you wish to achieve, or where you wish to be, how would you know what to do or where to start? Even the simplest of things requires you to imagine your goal so as to enable you to be successful.

If you were to set out to achieve the task of putting up your Christmas decorations, you would have to first be able to imagine them looking the way you wish them to look. If you had no imagination your Christmas lights could end up being hung in a tight and ugly ball instead of strung out in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.

In fact the role of imagination is to trigger both belief and motivation. Your imagination elicits an emotional reaction that in turn allows you to believe that you can find a way to do something and motivates you to get started out upon your task and to keep going until you get there.

Taking the example of handing your Christmas lights, by first imagining how you want them to look you get a good feeling about your ideas. You feel happy and excited. These feelings motivate you to think about the type of lights you want to have. Will they be white or colored? You become motivated to think about the length of lights you will require and how you will actually hang them.

Your imagination triggers and supports this emotional connection with your goals. It keeps you positively and powerfully energized to find a way in which to complete your task. The better your imagination, the greater the emotional reaction and the more powerfully you work towards your goals.

The Christmas lights example is extremely simplistic but it does adequately demonstrate the role that imagination plays in even the most menial tasks that we set out to achieve. Think for a moment now about what imagination does when the task is bigger and more "intangible". Imagination is what turns vague dreams into reality.

Imagination ignites belief. Imagination fires enthusiasm. Imagination is what shapes dreams and either pares them down or enlarges them so as to sharpen up one's focus and trigger real creativity and practical creation. Imagination turns the intangible into the tangible.

Without the processes of imagination many of the things we take for granted would never have been invented. Washers and dryers, computers, telephones, the electric light bulb, motor cars, sofas, cushions, pool sweeps...All of these things and very many more all began in somebody’s imagination. And that imagination triggered an emotional reaction that inspired, enthused and motivated somebody to achieve his or her dreams.

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