No doubt Fabric Carpet looks great but when it comes to Fabric carpet cleaning it is a nightmare. Everybody loves their preferred Fabric carpet in their living room. However, home spills are bound to happen and that cannot be avoided especially at party times. It is better you learn about how to clean a fabric carpet.

How to Clean a Stained Fabric carpet

Stain in fabric carpet is stubborn. It is difficult to deal with. Though there are manual processes to eliminate the stains complete stain removal is not possible.

If you want to clean a stained fabric carpet, start the process with proper care and diligence. See the tag attached if it is marked with an “X,” it means you can only clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If the tag says “S” it requires solvent-based cleaning only no water can be used. Carpet tagged with “W” denotes, water can be used for cleaning it while or “WS” means both water and solvent-based cleaner can be applied.

Do not worry. Begin your carpet cleaning with the following items

  • One carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner machine
  • Some pieces of clean microfiber cloths
  • One bucket
  • Distilled water to clean the stain as normal tap water often leave residue and stain
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Dish liquid soap

Follow the Special Note: be careful before starting implementing the solution it is better to spot test the homemade solutions to some insignificant area of the carpet.

Step By Step Procedure To Be Followed:

  • Step-1: Firstly, vacuum the fabric carpet to make it free from accumulated dirt and debris

  • Step-2: Prepare a homemade cleaning mix by combining 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid along with 2 cups of distilled water together in a bucket. Mix the solution well and pour it into a spray bottle.

  • Step-3: locate the carpet stain and spray the cleaning solution over the stain. Now just dampen one microfiber cloth to the homemade cleaning solution and gently blot it over the stain without rubbing the area. Clean it gently.

  • Step-4: This time moisten with another fresh microfiber cloth dipping in water only. No vinegar or dishwashing liquid this time. You can see the stain going out.
  • Step-5: Dry with the fresh microfiber cloth for one more time and allow it some time to dry completely. If the stain is rigid then repeat the process for some more time.

Thus following home techniques of cleaning carpet you can deal with the fabric carpet cleaning. However, you may not get complete stain removal. For a better result, you can consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

Carpet stain removal service applies the techniques of cleaning your fabric carpet in the right way without damaging its fiber.

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