How can you know when you are-or are not-tapping into the Conquering Force in your life?

When You Don't Have It When you are not tapping into the Conquering Force, you'll feel as if you're drifting like a stick in a river. Life will take you wherever it wants instead of you controlling where your life goes. You will set goals but never reach them, and you'll feel that life is ruling you. Maybe you'll even decide to accept the status quo, thinking you can't do anything about it. You may believe that you don't have any choices and end up accepting that you'll never achieve what you want in your life. Worse still, you may view your situation as hopeless-dying emotionally or spiritually because of your limiting paradigms. If any of these things are happening in your life, you haven't yet discovered that you do, indeed, have choices and can make changes. You were not born for mediocrity or unhappiness. Because of your ability to choose, you can control a lot more than you think.

When You Do You will know the moment when you have tapped into your Conquering Force because you'll feel alert, alive, excited about your life, and you'll know you're in charge of what you're doing. You will be enjoying the path you are on. You can find a way to do what needs doing and get results. You'll go out and make things happen for yourself. Your indomitable spirit comes from your Conquering Force. You'll have a feeling of well-being and a sense of accomplishment. You'll be happy, even through the tough times. As you accomplish what you set out to do, you will be surrounded by both tangible and intangible evidence that you have unleashed your Conquering Force to achieve your Core Desires.

Once you have discovered your Core Desires and unleashed the Conquering Force, ten other internal forces come into play: enthusiasm, joy, creativity, focus, drive, commitment, discipline, stamina, talent, and other resources.

Like cousins in a family, these forces are all closely related. Working together, they become synergistic and dynamic. Once you identify something you want badly enough, your mind automatically becomes more creative. You become enthusiastic, focused, committed, disciplined, and dedicated, and you make better use of your talents and other resources.

Tragically, most people don't know how to employ these forces. Through my own experience-and the vicarious experiences of countless others who have overcome difficulties, past histories, and seemingly insurmountable problems-I know that the ability to learn and perform is greatly enhanced when Core Desires trigger your Conquering Force.

If you put a l00-watt light bulb into a lamp, obviously you'll get more light than with a 25-watt bulb. So it is with the Conquering Force. Getting up in the morning and going to work may only be a 25 on the Core Desire Scale. However, you may come home at night and work at a furious pace until midnight to complete the boat you are building; this effort is at 100. It's an effort you enjoy, no matter
how late the hour.

How can you judge how much power you're deriving from the Conquering Force? Use this "Power Meter" to rate yourself in each of these forces.

There can still be some achievement even when the Conquering Force is seemingly dormant, because you always have some degree of desire. But if the Conquering Force is engaged at a very low level, you may never get out of bed. If the Conquering Force is engaged at a moderate level, you will do your duties-assigned tasks, shopping, and other items on the routine of your to-do list, if these are things you have to do. But when the forces of your heart, mind, and will are engaged at high levels, you will tap into amazing energy, passion, and power.

Moreover, other people can tap into the power of your Conquering Force for their own personal benefit-especially when their Core Desires are closely aligned with yours. In these instances, you will become a leader or mentor to those who want to follow your example, pursuing a similar path to progress in their lives and careers.

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