How frequently do you go for the screening of STDs or feel comfortable talking about them in public? Well, generally not as openly as similar serious diseases like cancer. STDs are still considered to be taboo. People are prone to avoid out of the closet STD testing Alabama due to various reasons like:

•The stigma attached to such diseases
•The terror that the test may be positive
•The lack of knowledge of the procedure of the test
•The lack of understanding regarding the value of self-care etc

Most of the people consider that only sexually active people can get STDs, but the fact is -one can be a prey of STDs through other ways also (like exposure to infected blood). These diseases do not have any particular symptoms, so the only way of detection is getting tested for it. In this scenario, out of the closet STD testing Alabama has come up as a great help. They provide for regular screening facilities at different places so that people can reach them easily. They organize various events and campaigns for making people aware about the disease, its prevention, symptoms, etc.

Generally, the problem with other types of screening providers or hospitals is confidentiality. As the process of screening requires qualified doctors and advanced equipment, the cost of getting it done gets very high. If a person is on insurance with parents or other family members, they will get to know about the patient having tested through the insurance companies. Below mentioned are some of the features of the out of the closet testing due to which one can get themselves screened without being noticed by anyone.

Out of the Closet STD Testing:

1.The biggest problem which comes in the way is the insurance companies. Before availing the services they require information like Explanation of Benefit (EOB) in which the purpose of using the insurance benefits has to be mentioned. And one can also not do away with the insurance as the STD screening costs much in hospitals. Out of the closet, testing is charity based organizations. They provide free services to everyone. One can just fix an appointment and can get them tested without spending even a penny.

2.The method used for obtaining the result is very quick. It hardly takes 15-20 minutes and one can take the results with them while they leave. The patient does not have to come again and again for tests and results. Thus, the possibility of others knowing about it reduces.

3.The service providers do not ask for a lot of personal and other information before taking the client for the screening. They ask for the only minimum required information. Unlike other health care providers, even a minor is not required to provide prior permission of the parent regarding the screening.

4.They keep the information and details of the patients confidential. Everything will only be known to the service provider and the patient and they do not reveal this information on any portal or to any other third person unless you want to do so.

5.These service providers also have an arrangement for all the required medicines at their centre themselves so that the patient does not have to go to various places searching for them. They also give generic prescriptions so that even if the patient wants to take those medicines from outside, it is easily available. This reduces the chance of other people knowing about the test.

All these facilities make it easier for the patient to go unnoticed by others when they get tested. Also, the procedure is less painful and easy which also saves them from the anxiety of going through that. The Game Changer in addition to all the above-mentioned facilities has the finest of the doctors using advanced technology for performing the tests following accurate results. In many of the cases, when the results are not accurate the patient has to consult several other doctors for being sure of his condition which raises the possibility of it coming in the knowledge of various people. Some other important services provided by the Game Changer are:

•Events organized for making people aware about every aspect of STDs
•Linkage to care: The organization refers to the patient to specialized doctors for medicinal purposes in case they are detected positive
•They have a wider outreach in Alabama which makes it easier for patients to get there
•There are other support services like Housing Assistance through which they help the patients to find houses more suitable to them in such conditions
•They also provide PrEP/nPEP services. They provide medication to clients:
-Detected negative so that the risk of infection decreases in the future by 90%
-Who have been possibly exposed to STD but can prevent the infection

Game Changer not only raises the level of awareness amongst people but also helps them to understand that self-care is important and above any stigma or fear. It makes people get themselves tested without any hesitation or mental trauma of being discriminated by society.

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