Everything is energy including you, me, the air we breath, the thoughts we think, and the chair you sit on. It all just vibrates at different frequencies and are manifestations of matter. Matter is energy and building an energy identity is a part of conscious evolution. We live in a matter dominated universe, and we are part of an experience. This experience is met by you on a moment to moment bases. You can get to the energy of the matter by considering your flow in space and time. Flow is perhaps the most important aspect of building a relationship with yourself as a manifestation of energy. This information is something I have learned by reading peoples energy and witnessing the healing they share with me as apart of the that experience.

As energy systems we can develop a responsibility to our experience as way of life that is a reflection of this awareness. Your life style address your needs as an energy field or system. The needs you discover as an energy being are in alinement with who you are as a physical body. Just by knowing you are energy gives your life experience a very different tone and that will be reflected back at you. In what ways is this reflected back at you?

The people you know. The care you give to your body. The foods you eat. The experiences you support. Ultimately the reflection is in being conscious of what is a unconscious energy pattern that disconnects you from having an authentic and fully conscious moment. Are you going about your day on unconscious auto pilot? Going through the day but unaware that you are there other then going through the motions? The symptoms of unconsciousness are, fear, self suffering, unhappiness, ungratefulness, lack of appreciation, sickness, depression, anxiety, irritation, reacting, rage. These are but of a few of the expressions of a life lived unconsciously. Checking in with yourself through your inner voice or having a person who reads energy talk to you about the experience you are having can be very effective building awareness.

I get to read peoples energy and whenever a malady is expressed it can usually be traced back to an unconscious imprint to the energy field. They often occur in childhood and are repeated through out the life in different formats as experiences. The unconsciousness is expressed as, "this always happen to me". Its not happening to you it's happening because of you. you are responsible to your experience and it is a reflection of you. Nothing is happening "out there" it is ALL happening within you and your energy field. Just checking in with THE FLOW of your energy field can tell you a lot about the present moment. Noticing your flow is understanding and feeling that you have momentum in space and time. The momentum of your energy field is your presence with in present time. A possible feeling of this momentum is that you are accomplishing a connection to the events in your life and these connections feel mutual and authentic.

You can go through an entire life time and never experience a conscious moment, despite the fact that you are a conscious being!
How can this happen?
We are complex energy systems and we are each one of us on our own private journey as conscious beings. We are also having a conscious collective experience, and this is relevant to the impact you have upon the other human beings that you share as a part of space and time. Tuning into your self and asking the questions of yourself that will reveal to you the answers to who you are as energy is a huge part of being a conscious human being in present time.

Unconscious behavior is alway in past time from my experience of reading peoples energy. Just knowing that and feeling into what that creates in your experience is a healing and a step towards a life style change. Life style and the way you live your life is a process of owning your energy- conscious or unconscious- and a stage in the evolution as a conscious human being. Knowing you are a part of a greater vibrational field of energy is an opportunity to meet your experience in a very different way in present time.

Your presence is vital to the experience you are having in present time. Behaving unconsciously and existing unconsciously is past time alway, and can never meet your moment. Unconsciousness will ultimately drag a behavior into the NOW that is genuinely not in affinity with your conscious presence. Presence is a state of being that compliments your energy field so you can have full power to access all your abilities as a evolving conscious being. Access to all your power allows you to be free of the fear of the experience you are having, and unconscious attachments.

To maintain your energy field clear you energy daily of belief patterns. You can do this with meditation, martial arts, yoga, exercising, breathing. Checking in with yourself daily is a meditation of reflection and referencing of patterns. Ask yourself if the patterns you notice serves you in present time? Beliefs are often outdated and unconscious, and will block the flow of your energy. Becoming conscious of the unconscious can be achieved by noticing how much of your energy field is invested and where. Flow is vital to clearing your energy field and don't be discouraged if some days you just can't connect with your flow. The flow of your energy is something I always check when I do a reading, any flow problems will affect the experience you are having in present time. If you are having a "off" day just go with it and allow yourself to experience the off feeling. When you can clear you space of any feelings that will put a drag on the flow of energy. I'm not saying to not feel your feeling just don't BE your feelings, they too are just a part of the experience. Don't make any part of the experience more important then the other, this will also interrupt the flow and cause it to branch off much like a river that experience a log jam. The natural flow will push against that jam and reflect in the experience as addiction, overly intense feelings, excessive anything, tiredness, intense anger, alone-ness, fear.

Another method helpful to maintaining your energy field is sharing your experiences with other people by allowing yourself to connect with people, and allowing them to connect with you. This does not have to be a big deal, just a simple smile or hello that is packaged within the vibration of grace that emanates from you naturally occurring presence. The experience of your natural grace is very often completely overshadowed by the mental body of being. We forget that our very presence is enough to draw the attention of those around us always. What this experience can do for us and the maintenance of our energy field is perhaps the most healing of all energies. The presence of grace -that we all have all the time - when reflected back to us in the experience of our daily life is joy. To maintain your energy field experience joy. This ability is within each of us and can be clouded by too much thinking, stress, and the basic "stuff" we attend to each day. We become distracted from our ability to give joy, and to receive joy. When you do allow yourself to actually go there the energy becomes contagious, and soon you find yourself available to yourself, and others in ways you never noticed before.

Keeping your flow going is a ABILITY we all possess. The attention you give to clearing your mental body of old unconscious energy patterns, and the presence of joy will give your energy field a vital cleanse. A strong flow into the energy field is vital to health and well being. Just being aware of these simple life affirming steps as presence of BEING you then ARE truely in the moment. Check in with yourself daily and ask yourself to be a conscious being in present time. Accept nothing less from your time here on this Earth, and the maintenance of you energy field will be a authentic experience, that flow naturally from your space.

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JRo is a clairvoyant and healer who lives on Maui. My web site is:


I have offered my service to this Earth for 35 years and love the evolution of this process. I read peoples energy as a way of life and offer witness to healing. I am dedicated to the practice of kindness and generosity of heart, and bring that passion to everything and everyone I encounter.