How To Make My Husband Realize What He Has: How To Make Him Value You More

What is the secret to make your husband fall in love with you deeply and never want to leave you? It is to learn how to get your husband to adore you by understanding his needs.

If you knew exactly what your husband thinks and using the right methods to treat him will make sure your husband remains faithful to the marriage.

You do not need to have the most beautiful face or body to get your husband to adore you. You also do not need to act like a fine lady saying "Yes Sir" to everything. It is very simple to start with, just be yourself.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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When I say being yourself, it does not mean that you can just don't care about anything. You still need to put in a little bit of effort to make yourself look and feel better. Maybe you have overlooked to watch your waistline over the years and how are you going to look irresistible when you start looking like 10 years older than your actual age? Think in a positive way, you don't look great just for your husband, you also do it for yourself. You will feel confident and happier when you are looking better.

If you want your husband to listen and abide what you want him to do, you have to respect him. Get him to participate about the things in your life and seek his advice. Other than that, men like to hear praises. This is a way to make him feel good and naturally, he will listen to you in return.

Men hate to be compared and nagged. Sometimes, women may do it out of good intention but when it gets too much, men will shut down and avoid getting close to you. As a result, they will choose to seek "alternatives", spending more time outside than accompanying their wives because they find them not understanding enough.

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There are 3 communication mistakes you never want to make if you need help to save your marriage today. Communication in a marriage is important. It can determine whether the marriage will work out or fail. Needless to say, we have to be equipped with the appropriate skills to have effective communication with your partner. With that said, we also need to know what we should NEVER do when communicating with our spouse.

Let me share with you 3 communication mistakes you NEVER want to make and show you what you can do or say instead.

Mistakes you NEVER want to make #1: Over Questioning

Over questioning your spouse can result in him or her getting impatient or irritated by you. Sometimes, it can also be seen as a sign of a lack of trust in your spouse. While it is important to find out more about your partner, asking too much questions will result in these adverse effects.

What you can do is to make the questions more subtle. This is by no means a method to trick your partner into telling you his or her whereabouts or what he or she is doing. It is merely a way to better communicate with him or her. This is what you can say:

- 'Hey John/Jane, I am just about to go for lunch. Where are you having yours?'

- wait for his/her reply to tell you where he/she is eating

- 'Oh that place sounds nice, lets try it tonight.'

- wait for him/her to agree with you or tell you his/her plans for the night

Notice in this conversation there is only one question. The statement 'Oh that place sounds nice, lets try it tonight.' is a subtle way of finding out your spouse's activities.

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By the way, do not worry if the place you 'wanted to try' does not interest you. If he or she agrees to have dinner with you at that particular place, you can always counter suggest.

Mistakes you NEVER want to make #2: Losing your temper during an argument

Arguing is the time when couples lay out their unhappiness and have a good discussion. It is important to talk about these unhappiness and disagreements when the need arises. However, there is a risk that one or both of you will get upset during this argument and eventually lose your temper. When that happens, the argument will usually turn ugly and become ineffective.

To know how to avoid having an ineffective argument, let your partner know that you need a time out to allow the intensity to disperse. Take about 5 minutes for yourself and make sure you agree on a time with your partner. Usually, after allowing the situation to cool down, the situation gets better.

Mistake you NEVER want to make #3: Talk to the opposite gender, other than your spouse, about problems in your marriage

This is one of the deadliest mistakes married couples make when they face problems in their marriage. Rather than speaking to each other, they confide in friends of the opposite gender. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where most affairs start.

You might deny it at the beginning and say things like, 'Oh Susan is a friend of 20 years. Nothing is going to happen between us if I confide in her.' But the shocking fact is, if you feel that more comfortable confiding in a someone else other than your spouse, there is a big problem. If your confidant is of the opposite gender, you are putting your marriage at a great risk! You need help to save your marriage today.

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If you are asking for ways on how to save your marriage, I first want to congratulate you. Like you, I was in an ending marriage, and asked this question. I wanted to save my marriage and I was ready to do anything for it. I said I congratulate you because most marriages fail, and if there were more people like you and me who tried to save their marriages rather than just agreeing with divorce and letting it go; the world would be more unified.

When I saw my marriage was ending, I went desperate. I tried to think of ways to save my marriage, and I couldn't help begging my husband: "Please George, don't do this! I understand my mistakes, I understand everything! It will never happen again! I love you so much..." I am sure I was a very heart breaking sight, but that brought me nowhere. Easy to see why: he was fed up with me and when I pressed him, it only made him more fed up.

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Then I realized that in my desperation I wasn't able to think clearly on ways to save my marriage. I realized that I needed some outside advice - a friend I could trust, any kind of a guide, anything. Just not myself.

And it's only by this way I learned the answer to the question of how to save your marriage. It made me see that begging only made me look pathetic and hurt my credibility in the eyes of my husband. If you want to stop a breakup, the only way to do is to straighten out your life, lay back and look at the things from a wider perspective.

I could never see that myself, if not for outside advice I got. In my desperation I would only continue begging and apologizing, which would surely mean the end of my marriage.

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The first thing anyone trying to save their marriage should take into consideration is the time needed to do so. When you first notice that things in your marriage have been slowly declining, it's important that you begin taking steps right away in order to repair it. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of knowing that our marriage was ever in trouble in the first place and when our spouse breaks the news to us that the marriage is over in their eyes, this news can put us in absolute shock. This is where the bulk of our mistakes can take place and can often speed up the undoing of our marriage.

Whether or not the news is news to you at this point is irrelevant. It's what you begin doing in this small window of time while your marriage is in crisis that is of the most importance. Recognizing that your chances to do something about saving your marriage are now priority one, if you haven't already. Also, knowing what to do with the short time you have is also equally important.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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The most important thing you can begin doing right now is getting yourself and your emotions in a state where you still have control over your actions and reactions. Not having control over yourself will lead to disaster when trying to save your marriage. If you're not carefully tending to what you're about to say or do, then you're just going to create more problems in your marriage. Not only that, but some of what you let loose so to speak can never be taken back. I understand you're under a lot of stress and you're hurt. But, how much more will it hurt to know that if you would have just held your tongue or thought about what would happen before you did this or that, you could have prevented shutting down all communication between you and your spouse.

It's how we act during such trying times that will dictate the outcome whether good or bad. Putting yourself back in control of yourself and your emotions is the most crucial first step when trying to save a failing marriage. Because everything you must do after can only be done if built upon this solid foundation of being able to control what you're about to say and do. If you can't get control over how you act and react, then all the progress you make towards saving your marriage could be gone in an instant, from the latest uncontrollable outburst or low blow so to speak you may deliver during your next heated discussion over the marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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