How To Make My Husband Respect Me: My Husband Doesn't Respect Me What Should I Do

Sadly, how can I get my husband to respect me more is one of the most common questions married women ask. Respect is something that we're always taught has to be earned. However, in a relationship like marriage, where the two partners are constantly together, respect can begin to disappear as resentment and disappointment appear. If you can tell that your husband just doesn't have the same high regard for you as he did on the day when you two married, there are things you can do to change that. You can have him not only respecting you more than he ever has before but you can also get him to love you more deeply.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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When a woman becomes a wife and a mother her focus often shifts from herself onto her husband and her children. She may not tend to her own needs the way she used to or they simply take a backseat to what she perceives her family needs. For instance, most women are known for neglecting their own dreams in favor of what their children need. Perhaps you gave up your career, or scaled it back to become a full time parent. Maybe you stopped chasing after your degree because you knew that your time would be better spent earning a living so your children could have the things they needed. As much as you may feel that your sacrifices were necessary for the well being of your family, your husband may view it differently. He may see a woman who gave up too much. If you believe that's the case, now is the time to refocus some of your time and energy on yourself. Not only will this help to rebuild his respect for you, but it will give you new purpose and direction too.

Being a bit less passive and more aggressive is another way to get your husband to respect you more than he has. At the end of the day some women are simply too tired to stand by their opinion on issues that affect them and their children. They'll instead allow their husband to make the important decisions. Your husband wants to know and hear your opinion though. If he sees that you're a strong and determined woman he'll be that much more attracted to you and he'll respect you even more.

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My husband doesn't love me anymore is unfortunately a very common thought in the heads of women all over the world nowadays. I have personally lived it and I exactly know how bad it feels when the man you love and who once loved you more than anything gets emotionally more and more distant day by day. However, if you are in this situation, it does not mean that you should just let go and give your family up. There is a correct path to making your husband love you again.

If you do the wrong things when you say my husband doesn't love me anymore, it is going to be destructive for the marriage. For example, it is a very common reaction to beg your husband for forgiveness, or cry in front of him, when you learn that your spouse no longer loves you. However, this is even more destructive for the marriage than the situation itself! I have been taught that what kills marriages is often nothing but what a spouse was doing to "save" the marriage. So, in order to save your marriage from a divorce, it is incredibly crucial that you get a hold of your emotions and do not allow them into guiding you to do wrong things which you are going to regret.

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Do not forget - do not act until you are sure that you are emotionally stable. To reach your destination, you first need to stop going the opposite way before settling on the right way, correct? I fell into the trap - my mind was rampant with emotions and I felt the urge to just "do something" before my marriage ended. And I ended up arguing with my husband first, then begging, then crying; and it nearly ended my marriage. I was fortunate enough to be shown the "right" way of acting soon enough - that saved my marriage.

I had personally learned that my husband doesn't love me anymore when he told me so - although I had seen it coming, it was a big blow to me. However you learn it, be sure to act only when you know of a strategy that works. Stick to that strategy. Do not underestimate the value of "outside advice" when you are trying to save a marriage - when you are in the middle of everything it can be very tough to figure out what to do; i.e. it is very easy to mistake the forest for the trees. A perspective offered by an outside source can do great - especially if you trust the source.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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If your marriage is on the rocks, don't panic. The first thing you need to do is to get a grip. Only then can you try to assess the situation and acknowledge the fact that, yes, after the early years of marital bliss, the heady intoxication you once felt after falling in love is starting to fade - and fast. Every marriage experiences a rough patch at one time or another. Yours is no different. The good news is that your marriage can be fixed, but you need determination and patience - it will take time before things go smoothly again. If you're screaming, "Fix my marriage!", then this article is just what you need.

There are a number of ways with which you can fix your marriage, but nothing answers your "Fix my marriage!" SOS call better than marriage counseling. Marriage counseling has been around for decades, offering an effective solution to all sorts of troubled marriages. Like any other types of counseling, marriage counseling aims to get down to the bottom of things, reveal painful and embarrassing secrets for therapeutic confrontation, and attacking the root of the problem to keep it from growing. It is a medium for all things left unspoken, things regretted being spoken, and things spoken over and over again but never really understood.

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More often than not, a marriage starts to deteriorate when open communication between husband and wife (or between partners, to be politically correct, if you please) dies. You've heard it before and you'll hear it again - communication is the secret to a lasting relationship. It is the answer to the question, "How can I fix my marriage?". After periods of silence, of sleeping without talking about the serious stuff, of going on without opening up about what's bothering you, it's understandable that both you and your partner will fall involuntarily to a quiet yet very damaging routine. Sooner or later the silence will breed feelings of resentment and, much worse, indifference. Marriage counseling provides a great venue for reestablishing communication. It allows couples to talk about what's on their mind. More importantly, it allows couples to understand their problems and gives them a chance to come up together with a resolution to end their conflict in order to improve their relationship. Many people who have shouted, "Please fix my marriage!", just like what you're doing now, have found the answer to their prayer in marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is offered by many licensed marriage therapists and marriage experts. These health professionals provide mental health services that are similar to those provided by other therapists; the main difference is that they focus on the problems that plague couples, particular married ones. Their main concern is how to keep couples together - if that is indeed what they want. In this regard, it is best to ask yourself whether or not you are really sincere in your "Fix my marriage" plea. Otherwise, it might be best to consider getting a divorce or at least a trial separation. There is no sense in saving someone or something who or that doesn't want to be saved in the first place.

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When we are the separated spouse who is still very invested in our marriage, we will often ask ourselves what we need to do in order to get our spouse to cooperate with us. Most of us feel that ultimately, we will not be able to save our marriage on our own. So, we have to find a way to make our spouse want the same things that we want. And in order to do that, we figure that we need to figure out what he most positively responds to. Many of us have to try several things until we land on what we think is the golden marital ticket.

However, not all of us has a husband who is consistent. Unfortunately, one day our husbands may respond to the confident wife who isn't dwelling on her problems, while the next day he may respond to the wife who breaks down because she misses him so much. And, the next day he may not respond to us at all and proclaim that he wants and needs to be alone. This can leave us wondering if he even knows what he wants at all. And it can make having a strategy much more difficult.

A wife might explain: "I knew the day that my separation started that my husband didn't really know what or who he wanted because he told me this in plain English. In fact, one of the major reasons for the separation was that he was not sure that he wanted to be married anymore. He wasn't sure what type of life he wanted to lead. So I knew this going into it, but I figured that if I could craft a wife and a marriage that made him happier, then what he wanted might be more clear to him. I have noticed that throughout our marriage, my husband seems to pursue me more when I am confident and a little aloof. So I slowly started to act this way and it seemed to be working. I was willing to be patient and I slowly kept it up and we slowly seemed to be making some actual progress. This was exciting. But the other day, my husband commented that I was so strong and capable that I didn't seem to need him. He said a woman who doesn't need a man perhaps is a woman who would be happier not being married. Now, my husband knows that this just isn't true. I told him that I may appear to be coping, but I am hurting inside. He told me that he highly doubted this. So now I'm not sure what to do. Now he seems turned off by my strong side. But I fear that if I come off as weak, he will be equally turned off by this. He doesn't seem to know what he wants, so where does that leave me?"

This must be very confusing. You probably already know this, but I would like to stress that him not knowing what he wants is not your fault. And, if you keep changing who you appear to be, then he's going to be less likely to believe you when you're showing him the truth.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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To me, it always makes sense to try to present the best, strongest version of yourself. And by this I mean your true self. Why? Because that is who your husband fell in love with in the first place. And, this is the persona that is going to be the very easiest for you to pull off and it will also feel the most genuine. This person is "real" to both of you because she is really and truly you.

The problem is that somewhere along the way, most of us have "lost" this wonderful woman. Life gets in our way. Stress weighs us down. Day to day responsibilities can make it very hard for us to channel that playful, laughing, happy go lucky woman that both us and our husbands miss desperately.

That is why, as counterintuitive as it might seem, I encourage people to practice extreme self care when going through a separation. It's very easy to focus on the negative and to respond to fear. It's very common to grasp at the straws you think that your husband wants. But I strongly believe that your marriage will very often benefit from you grasping only at the straws that you legitimately want also. When you are your true self and you are in tune with authenticity, you come from a place of strength. And people - men, women, and children alike - respond to this. Confidence is easier in this situation because what you are projecting is real. And most people find confidence very attractive.

Plus, do you really want to project someone who is coming from a place of weakness if that is not who you are? Sure, we all struggle during our separations. All of us can be honest about this and it may be perceived as being weak sometimes. It's honest to struggle. And I'm not sure that you have to pretend that you're handling it all just fine when you're not. Everyone struggles.

I think that the difference is showing that you're struggling but doing the best that you can because you respect yourself enough to do nothing less.

When your husband doesn't know what he wants, that is honestly his struggle. You can't necessarily work this out for him. It's his own issue. You can offer to listen and you can offer support, but you can not get inside his brain or his heart and fix it for him.

That is why trying to be what you think he wants is something that you may always be chasing, especially if he's always changing it. Frankly, your spouse is often searching during the separation in the same way that you are. He has to come to the answers himself in the same way that you do. Which is why I think you'll never go wrong if you show him who you truly are while putting the most positive spin on that person that you can manage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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