The right workplace will make you highly dynamic and prevent weariness in general. Other than lumbar support and other features, the right chair height is vital to attain the correct working position and to increase your overall output. If you are a regular user of an office chair then during any trouble in its height, a question will continuously pop up in your mind that how to make office chair higher. If you are looking to make your office chair higher, then you need to establish the right height for yourself first. After this, you need to adjust the chair from levers below the seat. If this does not work, there are many other tips you can use like longer gas lift cylinder, adjustment of the threaded post, by using pieces of woods and other things.

Every office chair needs to be at a proper height because it will ensure a healthy and comfortable posture for your neck and back. And by avoiding this, you will escape a lot of issues that arise due to sitting in bad posture. For example, when the seat of your office chair is low, it will disturb your legs and make you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, a chair with extra too height will force you to lean during work which is also not good for you. These steps will assist you in making your chair higher and getting the correct height during your work.

Measurement of proper height:

For this purpose, you need to sit on the chair and check on which position your feet stay on the ground quickly. In addition, Also checkout your knee position because if your knees are above your waist height, this is not good for your sitting posture. Now sit on the chair and see the distance between your feet and the floor. While taking this measurement, make sure to sit in an accurate and correct position and note down the measurement difference and choose which height is right for you.

Also, don’t forget to measure the height of the chair in relation to the height of the desk on which you work. While seated, the height of the chair should have your forearms horizontal to the ground. The armrests should be parallel to the desk.

Check the type of chair:

For this purpose, you need to check the type of your chair to do the right step for making it higher according to your needs. There are commonly three types of chairs, the one with a threaded post, the ones with height adjustment lever and others without these adjustment methods. There are some slight differences in the adjustment of these chairs, although some of the ways are useful for all chairs.

Separate the seat from the bottom of your chair:

Before starting work on your chair, take your chair in a slightly open area where you can quickly work on it. Now place your chair upside down. Make sure to put a towel or cloth on the cushions to protect them. Now open the mounting screws with a screwdriver that holds the chair to the bottom part of the chair

The models of the chairs have different screw types; however, most of the office chairs have a universal kind of screws. So, you need not worry about the screws of the chairs. If you found small nuts there, use Allen wrench for opening them.

Use wood pieces for raising height:

If you want to raise your chair a few inches, You can use wood pieces for this purpose. Place the wood pieces between the lower part of the chair and the seat. For making them stay there use long screws or nuts by drilling a hole in the middle of the wooden piece. Through this, you can easily pass the screws through.

You cannot use any rough wood pieces for this purpose but to prepare them according to nuts or screws. For example, if there are five screws, you have to make five pieces of wood. Now place the seat thereby keeping wooden pieces between the seat and the lower part of the chair. You will see that your chair will rise to your required height.

Raise height by using a threaded post:

If you have a retro chair that has a threaded post for height adjustments, the process of rising for these types of chairs is a bit different. For this, you need to put your chair in upside-down position and lubricate the threaded post first. Use a cloth to clean the extra oil to avoid slipping of the chair while working on it. This process will not only help you to remove dirt and debris but also allow you to make its height according to your choice.

Use your feet to prevent it from moving right or left by holding the base. Then turn the chair clockwise or anti-clockwise to make the height adjustments according to your requirements. For raising its height, you have to turn it anti-clockwise.

When you turn it, you will see a significant difference in the height of your office chair and then measure the height. If you get your desired results, stop turning the chair and sit on the chair to feel the difference. And if you want some more height, give your chair some more additional spins. Each spin will raise it approximately 1/4th of an inch so you can turn it according to your requirement to get the desired height.

By using a longer gas lift cylinder:

The height of the chair directly depends upon the length of the gas lift cylinder. Office chairs often have a gas lift cylinder of about 5 inches. If you need some extra height, there should be a cylinder with a higher stroke that will give you height according to your choice. For this purpose, search for a gas lift cylinder with a stroke of more than 5 to 6 inches for the best results.


As we all know that sitting postures play a crucial role in avoiding issues like backache or pinched nerves. To work comfortably, you should know how to make office chair higher so that you can use your skills whenever needed. By using the tips mentioned above, you can raise the height of your chair according to your need and requirements.

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