I watched a video where a young man who was stuck at a dead-end job at Wendy’s, decided to make the best of his situation.

He was a drive-thru worker, and he decided to make his job more fun by speaking to the customers in a sports broadcaster type of voice.

And being someone who used to work in a fast food restaurant, I know that no matter what position you’re in, work can get very repetitive.

I felt the same after working as a cook at Burger King.

After working for a few months, I started to feel the boredom.

Did I quit or complain?


Actually, I challenged myself to become one of the fastest cooks in the restaurant.

It took many months of trial and error to figure out the most efficient process of preparing food.

I can still vaguely remember how I used to “chef it up” in the kitchen.

Put the buns in the toaster, which had a 10 second waiting period.

During that waiting period, I’d prepare the wrapper, stir the mayo to make it easy to scoop up with the plastic spatula, fluff up the lettuce to make it easy to grab, and if needed, even run to the fridge, pour some frozen french fries onto a basket, and cook them in the oil.

By that time, the buns came out the other end of the toaster.

Take the buns, spread mayo on both buns, sprinkle some lettuce, grab a patty from the food warmer tray, assemble the sandwich and wrap it up.

The entire process would take no longer than 40 seconds, and not a single second was wasted.

Sometimes, I would even have friendly competitions with co-workers to see who could wrap a sandwich the fastest.

In the end, the work did pay off.

I had an opportunity to be promoted to a shift manager, basically a hybrid position of a regular employee and assistant manager, but it didn’t turn out well.

On my last day of work, when I left, one of the assistant managers said, and I quote…

“There goes the best employee we’ve ever had.”

Those were some good times.

But the lesson I’m trying to tell you is that work doesn’t have to feel like work.

Working at a fast food restaurant is arguably one of the most unappealing jobs, but I still managed to have fun because I literally turned that job into a game.

A game that I got paid to play. It doesn’t get any better than that.

And in the end, I got rewarded and recognized.

Same goes for writing emails.

Of course, it’s not always like that. There are days where I don’t feel like writing at all and just want to do nothing. But then there are days where I have a lot of fun writing.

But the most important thing?

To write better than how I wrote the day before.

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